Classic Urban Harmony lists here our upcoming events so you can mark your calendars way in advance.  We know there are many R&B and Doo Wop events you can attend, and we try to help publicize and attend many of them ourselves.  But we work very hard to produce concerts in one small but vital segment of our music that is often neglected.  Most Classic Urban Harmony concerts are acappella, our specialty.  If you’re interested in any or all of these events, see our Events Page for more details.


October 14 – Roxy & Dukes – Pamela Horner Birthday Celebration, Two great acappella sets by Nostalgia 5

November 10 – Uptown Knauer PAC, West Chester PA – Our next big concert – Return of the Wizards for their first, last and only live performance.  Also the acappella groups Grand Central Echoes, 5/3 Woodland and Joel Katz & the Dynamics.  Presenting Joel Katz with the Classic Urban Harmony Lifetime Achievement Award

December 9 – Roxy & Dukes – Two great acappella sets by The Traditions

February 10, 2019 – Roxy & Dukes – Group to be Announced


Roxy & Dukes is at 745 Bound Brook Rd, Dunellen NJ.  Emails us at for Reservations.

Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center is at 226 North High Street, West Chester, PA Monmouth University.  Visit for tickets.

Line ups are always subject to change as no one can predict life changing events months in advance.  However, our track record for producing past concerts speaks for itself.  We just about always deliver what we advertise.