We are back with our newest Classic Urban Harmony Multimedia Presentation – “Doo Wop & R&B Vocal Group Music From Around the World – PART 2”. That’s right, the sequel to one of our most popular presentations of a couple years ago. For all those who begged us to do a part 2, here it is. And if you missed “Doo Wop Around The World – Part 1” don’t worry. This one will make up for it.

1950’s doo wop singing may have been born on the street corners of American cities, but it is now a world phenomenon. While doo wop music still has a big following here, it is even more popular in some areas of Europe, Asia and elsewhere. Charlie & Pamela Horner continue to explore the spread of doo wop music around the globe, through music and videos, photos, label scans and fascinating stories. If you enjoyed Part 1, or even if you missed it, you’ll delight in this lighthearted look at doo wop groups from Finland, Cuba, Spain, Uganda, Japan, Germany, the UK, Jamaica and elsewhere around the world.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday evening June 28 at 7 PM. It takes place at our home base, the Franklin Township Public library, 485 Demott Lane, Somerset, NJ. The event is FREE but you must register in advance.  Registration is NOW OPEN.  Click Registration to sign up or call the Reference Desk at 732-873-8700 during business hours.  If calling, you must speak to someone – don’t just leave a recorded message.