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The Larkings

Continuing our two group doo wop acappella concert series at Roxy & Dukes, this show should absolutely pack the club. Re-MemberThen drew a nice crowd when they appeared here last summer and are back again. The group won Don K. Reed’s outdoor acappella competition at the IZOD Center twice in two tries, allowing them to open up the Nader Doo Wop concerts in front of thousands of people. The Lar Kings have been one of the area’s premier acappella groups as long as we can remember. They were long time favorites at Ronnie I.’s United in Group Harmony Association. Lead, Gil Torres now lives in Delaware, so the Lar-Kings don’t make many appearances any more. We are thrilled to have them at Roxy & Dukes. Don’t miss this show. Each group will sing a 45 minute set. Admission $20 at the door. Great food and drink available. Free parking. Concert produced and emceed by Charlie & Pam Horner of Classic Urban Harmony LLC.