After years of research, writing, layout and editing, our book “Springwood Avenue Harmony: The Unique Music Legacy of Asbury Park’s West Side, Volume 1 (1871 – 1945) is now out and available for purchase. It is available now for purchase. If you click Springwood Avenue Harmony you be taken to the page where you can click “Look Inside” and see sample pages, table of contents, the bibliography and index. The book sells for $39.99 on Amazon.

For those in New Jersey and surrounding areas, we’ll be giving a number of multimedia presentations with anecdotal stories from the book with music and video clips as soon as the pandemic is over. At those we’ll be autographing copies for sale.

Book Summary:   Since just after its founding in 1871, Asbury Park, New Jersey, has been a “music city”. Yet, through much of its history, Asbury Park has been segregated. While much is known about the musicians who played the seaside resort’s beachfront venues, until now, little has been written about the music of the shadow city just across the railroad tracks. Springwood Avenue Harmony details the history of music from Asbury Park’s predominantly African American West Side from 1871 through 1945. It includes the genres of Spirituals, Ragtime, Stride Piano, Jazz, Black Vaudeville, Blues, Big Band, Gospel and Pop music. The book examines the social, political, economic and racial climates under which the music developed and evolved. The lives of West Side singers and musicians long forgotten are finally given recognition. Also covered are the churches, theaters, nightclubs and entertainment venues that made up the music scene along Springwood Avenue. The book has close to 200 rare photos/flyers and is drawn from more than 700 documented news clippings, journals, books and interviews. It is fully indexed and contains an extensive bibliography.