Great news for those who enjoyed seeing our 2015 exhibit on Asbury Park’s West Side Musical Heritage and wondered if it would ever surface again. For the past few months, we have been part of a team assembled by Asbury Park resident Kay Harris to create an Asbury Park Museum.  After about three weeks of intense work we opened the Asbury Park Museum with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday December 22, 2018.  Half of the museum is our exhibition of Asbury Park’s West Side Music Legacy (1880 – 1980) which includes many photos and all kinds of memorabilia on Spiritual, Gospel, Jazz, Blues, Rhythm & Blues, Doo Wop and Soul Music from Asbury Park.  The front half of the Museum contains a huge collection of photos and memorabilia from the history of Asbury Park.  The Asbury Park Museum will be open every Friday through Sundays from Noon to 6 PM (until 8 PM on Saturdays). The Asbury Park Museum exhibit will be in the 5th Avenue Pavilion (1100 Ocean Ave), accessible from the Boardwalk, just steps away from Convention Hall and the Paramount Theatre.  Admission id FREE but donations are always welcomed.  The Asbury Park Museum is in a temporary location and will only be there until early March 2019. 

In order to secure a permanent location for the museum, we need your support.  You can help by visiting the museum and signing our guest book; telling your friends about the museum; Liking our Asbury Park Museum Facebook Page; donating to the Museum or all of the above. ffff