Remembering Orioles’ lead, Sonny Til, on his birthday. The Orioles were the first true R&B vocal group. They inspired generations of R&B, Doo Wop and Soul vocal groups that came after them. Sonny was born August 18, 1928. He would have been 88 today. In addition, the Orioles’ first recording, the Deborah Chessler penned “It’s Too Soon To Know,” first hit the radio this week, 68 years ago. Herman Denby of the Swallows and Ernie Warren of the Cardinals once told me that at that time, all the singing groups were looking for a new direction. They didn’t know what they were looking for but if they heard it, they’d know. When they heard “It’s Too Soon To Know” on the radio, they said, “That’s It! That’s the sound we’ve been looking for.”
Today ought to be set aside as “National R&B Vocal Group Day”.
I am proud to have had Sonny Til, and now his son Ricky and grandson, De’Sean Dooley, as friends.
From Pam and myself, and from tens of thousands of fans – Happy Birthday Sonny, and THANK YOU!

Charlie with Sonny Til (Orioles), on Charlie's WXPN radio show, Philadelphia, 1980

Charlie with Sonny Til (Orioles), on Charlie’s WXPN radio show, Philadelphia, 1980