Classic Urban Harmony announces the acquisition of the Mike Caldarulo Photo Archives.  Mike Caldarulo played a key role in the United in Group Harmony Association and often acted as unofficial photographer for the organization.  He took photographs at virtually every UGHA show.  Mike recognized the importance of documenting the performances of all the groups that sang at UGHA.  In addition, Mike was an ardent collector of R&B, Doo Wop and Soul vocal group stock photos.  When pioneer groups appeared at UGHA, he would always bring photos of the groups to have them autographed.  Mike loved to share the photos he took and many times would print 8X10’s for the groups at his own expense.  He was that kind of guy and we are proud to have had him as a friend.

Tragically, we lost Mike in 2005. Yet we felt it was important to preserve the photographic record of R&B vocal groups and UGHA shows that Mike dedicated much of his life to.  We thank the Caldarulo family for entrusting Mike’s collection of hundreds and hundreds of photos to us.  We’ll do our best to continue the preservation and give recognition to Mike for the great work he did as a music archivist.