The vocal and instrumental doo wop group, the Wizards began as the result of a bet in 1981, but have now risen to almost cult like following among fans of 1950’s doo wop music. Reissues of their music on CD’s and YouTube have given them a fan base in Europe as well as the U.S. Yet the Wizards have NEVER made a live concert appearance no one has ever seen even a photo of the group. The Wizards got their start when Tom Merlynn, leader of a rock group, bet Joel Katz he could write a 1950’s song better than Joel’s previously records. Out of that wager came the Wizards single, “50’s Come Alive” (Play the YouTube below). The record was even listed in Billboard magazine as a recommended pick hit of the week. Joel Katz fielded calls from distributors demanding 20,000 copies that week. Alas, the pressing plants could not deliver and you can’t have a hit without product. Undeterred, the Wizards quickly assembled an album to fill some of the demand. It too sold out immediately and Wizards songs have been reissued numerous times. Now, Classic Urban Harmony has reassembled the Wizards for the first time. If the stars are rightly aligned, the Wizards will make their first, last and only concert appearance on Saturday night, November 10, 2018 at the Uptown Knauer Performing Arts Center in West Chester PA. Opening for the Wizards will be acappella groups Grand Central Echoes, 5/3 Woodland and Joel & the Dynamics. In addition, Joel Katz, singing with both the Wizards and Joel & the Dynamics will be honored at the concert with a Classic Urban Harmony Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Wizards will NEVER perform again after that night. Only 300 tickets will be sold and these are ON SALE NOW.