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[New!]Wally Osborne & Starfires

Satan & the Angels - Blue Eyed Soul

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Sammy Strain & the Imperials, 1964 -, Part 4 in the series

Sammy Strain & the Imperials, 1961 - 1963 Part 3

Sammy Strain & the Fantastics Part 2

Sammy Strain & the Chips Part 1

Asbury Park Vocal Groups Pt. 2

Asbury Park Vocal Groups, Pt.1

Philly's Original Capris

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Teddy & Twilights, Deckers

Groups from Philly's Francisville - Belltones, Joe Cook's Thrillers, Royal Demons, Madison Brothers

Sensations - Part 1

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Johnny Maestro, the Crests & Brooklyn Bridge

Johnny Stiles & the Medallions on Essex

The Plurals

The Vic Donna Story

Orioles' Deborah Chessler

Tyrone & the Nu-Ports

Windy City Harmony: Calvaes, Blenders & Accents

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Richard Barrett Part 1: The Valentines

Richard Barrett
Part 2:
Frankie Lymon & Teenagers

Richard Barrett
Part 3: The Chantels, Clickettes,
Fashions Veneers

Richard Barrett
Part 4:

Little Anthony & Imperials

Richard Barrett
Part 5: Lewis Lymon
Teenchords Jimmy Castor & Juniors

Richard Barrett
Part 6: The Channels,
Isley Bros, Del Knights

Richard Barrett Part 7: The 3 Degrees, Showmen

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bullet [New!]Choice at Roxy & Dukes
bullet [New!]Philly Ringtones at Franklin Township Library
[New!]Curators Talk, Spirituals to Soul Exhibit
bullet [New!]Sonny Til's son & grandson visit Classic Urban Harmony Headquarters
bullet [New!]Re-MedmberThen at Roxy & Dukes
bullet [New!]Quiet Storm at Roxy & Dukes
bullet [New!]Spirituals to Soul Museum Exhibit, Freehold
bulletVelvet Candles in Barcelona, Spain
bulletFilming Doo Wop Documentary
bullet2015 Portsmouth VA Gospel Concert
bullet Monmouth University West Side Music Exhibit
bulletAsbury Park West Side Music Exhibit Monmouth University - Set Up
bulletAsbury Park West Side Music Exhibit, Heaven Gallery
bullet2014 Philly Doo Wop Festival
bulletTNT with Vic Donna Group & Charlie Horner
bulletAsbury Angels 2014, Bobby Thomas
bulletRichard Nader Doo Wop Concert XXV
bullet2014 Portsmouth VA Gospel Concert
bullet Billy Vera Big Band at the Cutting Room NYC
bullet VGHA Extravaganza III
bullet Asbury Park Gospel Explosion

African American
Museum Philadelphia
Gospel Awards Ceremony

bullet Ray Goodman & Brown in Plainfield
at NJ Doo Wop Singers Club 2013

bulletEncounters at Somerset Run
bulletRichard Nader's Doo Wop Celebration XXVI
2013 Asbury Angels Plaque Dedications
bullet VGHA Acappella Extravaganza II
bullet2013 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
bullet Time Capsule Show 50th Anniversary
2013 Portsmouth, VA Gospel Concert
at Manchester, NJ

at New Providence Library

bulletJohn Moore's Middle Room Records Closes
bulletLittle Isidore in Fair Lawn, NJ
bulletNJ Doo Wop Singers Club Jan 2013
bulletCelebrating Asbury Park's West Side Harmony
bulletDoo Wop Singers Club 4th Anniversary
bulletChuck Berry Honored by the R&R Hall of Fame
bulletQuiet Storm at Somerset Run
bulletAsbury Angels 2012 Induction Ceremony
bullet2012 Philly Doo Wop Festival
bullet2012 Lead East
bulletTNT R&B and Doo Wop Party, Aug 2012
bulletPam Nardella's Frankie Lymon Tombstone BBQ
bullet Classic Urban Harmony Celebrates Vocal Harmony & the Masqueraders 50th Anniversary
bulletFrankie Lymon Tombstone Finds a New Home
bulletStormin Norman Seldin & Return of Ray & Darchaes in Monmouth Beach NJ
bullet2012 Portsmouth VA Gospel Concert
bulletTNT North Jersey R&B and Doo Wop Party - 2nd Anniversary
bulletAcappella Extravaganza at Molloy College 2011
bulletDoo Wop Singers Club (NJ) Third Anniversary
bulletSoul of Asbury Park Concert
bulletMasqueraders Silver Star Competition
bullet6th Annual Philly Doo Wop Festival
bulletSouth Philly String Band Club After Party to 6th Philly Doo Wop Festival
bulletTymes' Norman & Peggy Burnett BBQ 2011
bullet2011 Lead East
bullet Morris Museum Acappella & Doo Wop Concert # Two
bullet Morris Museum Acappella Concert # One
bulletClassic Urban Harmony Presentation NJ Doo Wop Groups Part 2
bulletClassic Urban Harmony Presentation NJ Doo Wop Groups Part 1
bulletMorris Museum LaBamba & Quiet Storm Concert
bulletMorris Museum Jersey Rocks Exhibit Opening
bulletMorris Museum Jersey Rocks Launch Party
bulletEvening With Vocal Group Legends Concert
bulletRe-memberThen Finds Its Echo
bulletSteve Applebaum Tribute Concert
bulletWFDU Fundraiser, Teaneck, NJ March 2011
bullet Four J's Jimmy Testa Tribute & Benefit Concert
bulletVic Donna Group Rehearsal at CUH Headquarters
bulletPam & Charlie's 5th Anniversary Celebration - Multi Parts
bullet2010 Philly Doo Wop Festival
bullet"Doll Face" Musical Comedy
bulletNJ Doo Wop & Street Corner Harmony Association
bulletNick @ Nite Open Mic Night
bulletLeins Wedding
bullet"Fun-Raiser" at South Philly String Band Club
bulletRichard Nader’s Summer Doowop Reunion XXI
bulletPhilly Doo Wop Diner Mural
bulletMaking Crossroads 2
bulletCornerstone CD Release Party
bulletVirginia Legends of Gospel Concert
bulletS. Philly Stringband Club Jan 13, 2010
bulletRemembering Ronnie I. Concert Nov 2009
bulletPGHA's Heavenly Harmony XII Concert
bulletS. Philly Stringband
bulletFilming a Documentary
on Acappella
bulletAcappella Group Soul'D
Out on
Oct 2009
bulletBattleship New Jersey Dance & Concert
bulletWVLT Cruisin' 92.1 Concert
bulletTymes' Norman & Peggy Burnett 2009 BBQ
bullet2009 Charleston Beach Music & Shag Festival
bulletAcappella Group Choice at Franklin Township Public Library
bullet American Bandstand Studio Fundraiser
bulletAcappella at the South Philly String Band Club Revisited
bulletFour Man Trio at At Dover NJ's Attilio's Tavern
bulletNicky Addeo at Asbury Park's Wonder Bar
bulletASAP's First Acappella Concert
bulletAcappella at the South Philly String Band Club
bulletVisiting Radio's Past & Present at WDVR-FM
bullet Chicago SoulTrip USA
bulletR&R Hall
of Fame
Interview with
Orioles' Deborah

bulletSilhouettes' John Wilson Visits CUH World Headquarters
bulletNJ Doowop Group Harmony Club, 2009.
bullet New Years Eve 2008 with Nicky Addeo & Nite Owls
bullet 2008 European Road Trip: Deep River Quartet & Golden Gate Quartet
bullet 2008 Black Swan Burlington Concert
bullet 2008 Charleston Beach Music & Shag Festival
bullet Mills Bros,
Ink Spots
Beach Haven

bulletPhilly Doo Wop
Festival 2008

bullet Philly Doo Wop
Festival 2006


    In Tribute

bullet Dick Rietveld, Deep River Quartet
bullet Robert Murphy, Neighbors Complaint
bullet Walter McNeil, Gospel Nobleaires
bullet Jewel Akens, 4 Dots
bulletVirgil Johnson, Velvets
bulletCleotha Staples, Staple Singers
bulletDarlene McCrae, Cookies, Raeletts
bulletGregory Carroll, Four Buddies, Orioles, Dappers, Ink Spots
bulletJerome Ramos, Velours
bulletMickey "Guitar" Baker
bulletEarl Speedo Carroll, Cadillacs
bulletMajor Harris, Delfonics, Nat Turner Rebellion, R&B Soloist
bulletBilly Scott, Prophets
bulletCleve Duncan, Penguins
bulletDeborah Chessler, Songwriter,Mentor to the Orioles
bulletWilla Ward, Ward Singers, Gay Charmers
bulletBobby Thomas, Vibranaires, Vibes, V-Eights, Orioles
bulletJohn Jones, Moments Pleasure, Norristones, Copians
bulletChester Brown. The Counts
bulletJimmy Ellis, Trammps, Cordells, Exceptions
bulletJimmy Castor
bulletJack Scandura
bullet Cadillacs' Bobby Phillips
bulletBobby Robinson
bulletRobins' Grady Chapman
bullet Blue Notes' Roosevelt Brodie
bullet Moonglows' Harvey Fuqua
bulletCrests' & Brooklyn Bridge's Johnny Maestro
bulletDelroys' Reggie Walker
bulletSolitaires' & Vocaleers' Herman Dunham
bulletValentines' & Del-Knights' Eddie Edgehill
bulletChris Bartley
bulletSilhouettes' John Wilson
bulletLes Paul
bullet Castelles' Billy Taylor

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bullet40 Years of Group Harmony: Ray Block's Photos of Vintage, Ad-Libs, Reunion, Bon-Aires, East River Drive
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bullet Vocalaries' White Christmas
bulletPenguins' A Christmas Prayer
bulletDominoes' Christmas In Heaven
bulletCameos' Merry Christmas
bulletDrifters' White Christmas
Lonely Christmas


bullet Philadelphia Area Doo Wop & Acappella Groups
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 Recent Emails


"Dear Pam and Charlie,  I am writing to thank you for your generosity in making your research available to all who are interested in group vocal harmony.  It was only recently that I came upon your website by accident and have derived so much enjoyment from the photographs, articles and label scans.  Hopefully, I will be able to register for your August presentation being held at the Garwood Public Library in New Jersey.  I live in Canada so, as you can imagine, it would require a fair amount of planning.  I'll check your website on a daily basis for further details.  I expect and understand that you may be too busy to answer my question, but I am wondering if you have any information on the Harmonizing Four of Richmond, Virginia.  Specifically, I am interested in a recording that they made for the Quartet label (Washington), date unknown, called "I'm Tired".  It is at the top of my list of favourite records of all-time.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have ever been reissued so I have only heard a copy with a great deal of background noise - though even that could not detract from the absolute artistry displayed here.  I do hope to be able to attend at least one of your presentations in the near future.  Best wishes.  Sincerely," - Marie 

[Hi Marie,  I [Charlie] knew the Harmonizing Four and in fact was instrumental in getting them inducted into the United In Group Harmony Associations’ (UGHA) Hall of Fame but that was about 15 years ago.  Most of the original group (if not all) are gone now.  I’ve never seen “I’m Tired” on the Quartet label.  “I’m Tired” did come out on MGM 10457 in 1949.  I believe MGM purchased the sides from the Super Disc label so it might have come out on a smaller label first but I don’t know.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a 78 of the record.  We’ll ask around and see if any of our collector friends can come up with a copy.  If so we can burn you a CD of it.  Best regards and thanks for the nice comments about our website.  If you don’t mind, maybe we can post part of your email on our website and see if someone can came up with the record. - C&P]

"Hi Charlie and Pam,  Thank you so much for responding to my email.  I would be thrilled if you are able to burn a copy of this record for me if it turns up.  It's very kind of you to offer.  Please feel free to post part of my email on your website.  Just for your information, I'm including the address for a website devoted to D.C. record companies, which contains a label scan of "I'm Tired" on Quartet Records.  http://dcrecords.org/quartet_records.htm Once again, thank you.  Best wishes,"  Marie

[Hi Marie, Thanks for sending us to the DC Records website.  It's the creation of noted researcher Jay Bruder, whom we admire and respect (Scroll down to see Jay Bruder's email to us about a rare NJ label).  Until we saw the Quartet label on Jay's site, we were unaware of it.  Perhaps one of the visitors to this site who has the record (either on Quartet or MGM) can burn you a CD of the side. - C&P]

"Charlie and Pam,  I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation on New Jersey vocal groups.  It was concise, informational and filled with the little tidbits and stories that make your efforts so enjoyable.  You are truly a master of information regarding this venue of music and harmony that I, as well as so many others, truly enjoy.  The turnout represented the respect that so many people have for both of you.  I also appreciated the recognition that you bestowed upon not only myself, but the many others who were and still are a part of the magic of group harmony singing.  I look forward to Part 2 and beyond.  It continues to be a pleasure to know both of you and to be rewarded by the incredible effort that you expend. My fondest regards," - Ray Block (Vintage, the Bonaires, Ad-Libs, Reunion, East River Drive).  [Thanks, Ray.  For those who haven't yet visited our page of photos of Ray's groups, click Ray Block. - C&P]

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  I have a question regarding either Jimmy McGowan or other 4 Fellows members.  I recall Ronnie I playing a 4 Fellows set followed by related material due to coinciding group members.  One of the records was "Falling" by the Companions (Dove).  Do you know off hand which members (if any) were part of that group?  I recall Ronnie mentioning Jim McGowan on it for some reason.  I know the bridge is somewhat reminiscent of 'Angels Say'.  Your response is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!" - John Mattei   [Hi John. That's an easy one. Years ago I (Charlie) had Jim McGowan and Bill Godwin's Ink Spots (with former 4 Fellows' member Larry Banks) on my radio show and afterward they came over the house.  Larry Banks was looking through my 45 collection and went to the "C" section and pulled out the Companions record on Dove.  He said "This was my group."  To the best of my knowledge, Larry was the only 4 Fellow on it.  Here's a link to a website on him. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/default.cfm?bandID=619206   Hope this helps. - C&P]

"Hello Charlie and Pam, love your web site.  Thanks for keeping the music alive.   Good to see you at Crossroads 2.  It was a good show.  Sorry to hear of the passing of Norman, we all grew up to the Dell-Viking's music.  I enjoy other types of music but this music is dearest to my heart.  It's, in my opinion, the original youth music. Young kids singing on the street corners, etc.  You give so much, but I and others, realize this sound is very old (over fifty years).  Good music, if good, should live on.  If you and Pam come up to Northern NJ I would love to go to your seminars on group harmony music.  We are all trying to keep this art form alive.  Take care, your friend,"   Ronnie Sherman

"Hey dyn-o-mite article on the Plurals and great photos!  Well done, advance yourself to doo wop heaven." - (Rockin’) Richard

"Dear Charles & Pam,  I've just received your article about the Plurals.  WOW !!!  It's amazing.  Congrats for your accuracy in this great job, and congrats for your great site.  Thanx for keeping alive this great music.  Best wishes, from Spain," - Salva

"Hi Charlie & Pam,  Great article on the Plurals!  Regards," - Bob (Starlight Discs)

"Charlie and Pam, a most enjoyable web site, truly a pleasure to view.  Your newest additions are just wonderful.  Thanks to you I must visit the Trolley Car Diner.  Be well, God bless.  Yours in Harmony," - Lou Costello.

"Charlie & Pam, Stumbled across a copy of this pop record yesterday.  Labels are clean but surface had damage from storage and handling.  I'd give it a V/V+.  It is a 1950 RCA pressing.  I paid a dollar . . .wanted to offer it to you first if you were interested in it for your archive." - Jay Bruder  [Thanks Jay!  You're right, no vocal group and very pop but a Hackensack NJ label we'd never seen!] 


"Just SENSATIONAL Charlie!  Fantastic pictures!  and a wonderful tribute!  God Bless you and Pam (looking great as ever - I might add) for taking the time to make Classic Urban Harmony the BEST web site of its kind!  Yours in harmony." - "Hutch" of the ENCOUNTERS

"Hi, thanks for great additions to the web site. The large number of pictures is most appreciated.  All the talks at Franklin Township's Library have been enjoyable, I must say the last one was the best of them all." - MSM

"Hi Charlie and Pam,  Thanks again and again for your support.  We're grateful for all that you are doing for us.  I love visiting your website and learning something new each time.  All the best to you both."  Lois of the Chantels.

[Regarding our newspaper coverage]  "Congratulations Pam and Charlie on the article in this Sunday's Courier News.  It certainly brings recognition to both of you that is well deserved.  Your dedication and your attention to detail make your efforts unique in today's venue of the music we have come to truly enjoy.  Thank you for all you represent and thank you personally for all the articles and photos you have posted on my behalf.  My best regards," - Ray Block, the Ad-Libs, Vintage, Bon-Aires, Reunion, East River Drive.  [To see photos from Ray Block's singing career click Forty Years of Harmony. - C&P]

[Regarding our newspaper coverage]  "Charles & Pam,  Great story in the Courier News.  Love the records you're both holding.  Hope to see you at the next Bridgewater or Somerset presentation.  Keep doo-wop going!" - Rick Israel  [Thanks Rick.  We love those records too!  Hope to see you soon. - C&P]

[Regarding our newspaper coverage] "C and P.  Some great publicity.  Hope you plan on attending the Ronnie I Tribute.  Keep up the Classic Urban Harmony cause.  Regards," - KJ O'Doherty.

[Regarding our newspaper coverage] "Congratulations Charlie & Pam!  It's good to see you getting acclaim for all of the work you have done for our music!!" – Karen Efron

[Regarding our newspaper coverage]  "You all are great -- keep up the fine work and congratulations on all the media coverage!  Best," - Bob Marovich "Gospel Memories" Radio Show, www.gospelmemories.com

[Regarding Filming the Documentary on Acappella]  "Hi Dr. Horner.  It was a pleasure meeting both you and your wife.  Thank you for allowing us to come to your home and film.  Your interview was fantastic and I'm sure that it will come across well!" - Keith Lewis, Visual Communication Group, Inc.  [To see photos of the filming click Acappella Documentary, - C&P]

[Regarding Filming the Documentary on Acappella] "Dear Charles & Pam,  I want to thank you again for welcoming us into your home this week and allowing us to view your amazing music collection.  It was an extreme pleasure to talk to with you both. Rarely have I met anyone with your vast knowledge music and history.  It was something I know I won't soon forget.  Thanks again and I hope to see you both again soon!  Best always," - James Power  [Thanks Jim.  It was a pleasure meeting you and Keith also.  For those who don't know it, James Power is a talented songwriter and musician.  Visit his website to learn about his recent recording of "The man In Room 1009", Jim's tribute to Swan Silvertones' lead, Rev. Claude Jeter (done with former Persuasions lead Jerry Lawson).  Click James Power then use your back button to return to our website.  To see photos of the filming click Acappella Documentary, - C&P]

[Regarding the South Philly String Band Club Testimonial]  "Hi Charlie & Pam.  Thank you so much for coming Wednesday eve.  I had no idea that they were going to honor us.  As I said up there, we are only the tools.  The loyalty and support all of you give us is what makes this venue work.  I am proud to call you friends." - Eddie Natale, the South Philly String Band Club.  [Congratulations Eddie.  You and Bobby Buerklin and your staff are doing a great job keeping the music alive in Philly.  For photos of that night click South Philly String Band Testimonial - C&P]

"Hello Charlie and Pam.  How you doing?  It's Frank Lewis, we talked last night at 28th street [South Philly String Band Club].  I hope you guy's had a good time.  I was glad to see that Bob & Ed along with the staff at the String Band Club were recognized for their efforts.  I mentioned last night the name of our group is 'One More Time'.  We've been together for a few months now.  I suggested the name of the group because of basically getting back into it again.  Jack [Strong] as you know from the Contenders decided to get things rolling again, along with Danny Impriano from the Perfections.  Dan and Jack handle the vocal arrangements.  Tony Martinelli's first time singing in front of a crowd was last night.  I am currently singing with The Mintones along with Dave Moore whom your familiar with from The Balladeers.  We all work at The Mint; that's where that name came from.  It was great seeing you both.  Hope to see you both again soon.  Take care.... In Harmony." - Frank of One More Time   [For photos of One More time and other groups that night, click South Philly String Band Testimonial - C&P]

"Dear Folks- I stumbled on your site for the first time while trying to find some/any information on a group (the Vows/Majors/Symphonics who recorded on Ran-Dee, Big 3, Big Three, Sta-Set...).  What a great site- when I first started reading about the Chicago trip I assumed you might be from the UK, because of your deep knowledge of soul sounds, but as I scrolled down, I was pleasantly surprised to find lots of  50's groups referenced, also! I've bookmarked the Classic Urban Harmony site and look forward to many return trips!  I'm writing because you questioned the authenticity of Barbara Acklin's single on 'Dau 1015' of 'Love Makes A Woman'. I once owned a copy of this record and can assure you in my (pretty experienced) evaluation, it is definitely a bootleg. The matrix numbers on the label (120,131) together with the diamond symbol, the layout of the credits, etc are simply stolen from the Brunswick release. There IS a rare Barbara Acklin record not on Brunswick (on Secret Agent), but this record is just someone's attempt to phony up a 'rare local label', perhaps for the UK scene. Plus, the production team (Gerald Sims, Eugene Record, etc.) had already become firmly a part of Brunswick before the Acklin recording...  I'm still searching for some detail on the Vows (not the Morris Chestnut group...)  Best," - Reade King.  [Thanks Reade.  We suspected the Barbara Acklin record on Dau was a bootleg but weren't sure.  We'll try to get you a contact for the Vows/Majors. - C&P]

[Regarding our tribute to Chris Bartley]  "Hello Charles & Pam,  Such sad news I really liked him, in fact everybody I knew liked him. I'll miss him for sure. Good piece you guys did on him, very good.  Best wishes - Chris Lalor

"Charles and Pam, I'd like to THANK YOU for the fantastic job you're doing on providing information about so many groups that have been forgotten.  As I scan through, I see so much that brings back memories of yesterday." - Eller Weas Little aka Elouise Pennington of The Spellbinders & The Adlibs

"Hi Charles,  Thank you for speaking with me today.  My great uncles owned the Flash label and I am looking for articles, photos, and memories from those who once visited one of the Flash record stores or who may have known them personally.  My hope is to find details about the artists and music that were part of the Flash label as well as the Pull and Canton labels.  My goal is to write about my 'Flash family' history.  My wish is that I am able to connect with as many people as possible.  If through your normal daily affairs, you happen to recall, read, or speak with someone who may have any information about the label or the artists, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you," - Elisia Farmer  [Hi Elisia.  Your great uncles put out some great records by the Arrows, Cubans, Hornets, Jayhawks, Poets and many other groups.  If anyone can help Elisia, please let us know. - C&P]

"Hi friends,  I have to admit that I like to surf YouTube and I recently got a big surprise.  I honestly don't know who did the taping or the posting here, but apparently a fan captured some video from the audience at our most recent Doo Wop At The Z concert in April 2009 at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford, MA and posted it to YouTube.  For amateur, from-the-audience film, it's very watchable and listenable.  For those of you who were there or perhaps wanted to go and missed it, here's a chance to see a bit of the G-Clefs and Harold Winley's Clovers on stage.  While I obviously can't condone filming a concert -particularly one of my own shows!- and posting it online (despite what somone wrote at the beginning), I do like to see these groups getting exposure.  Those of you who surf the net know there is very little footage of the G-Clefs and Harold Winley's Original Clovers out there.  So, take a few minutes to listen and watch these groups in action in 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8MhQWmgyVs" - Todd Baptista

"Trying to remember the name of a large a cappella group from the 1950s that did 'instrumental' numbers. They appeared umpteen times on Ed Sullivan.  As I recall the name of the group included the name of the director.  Thanks," - Larry D. Brooks  [Hi Larry.  We'll ask visitors to this site if they recall. - C&P]

"Hey there Charles and Pam, (my two favorite people).  So nice to hear from you and that you're doing well.  I always appreciate hearing from you.  Good luck in all your endeavors." - Luther McDaniels, the Four Deuces

"Keep up the great (& important) work!" - Joe Mirrione, Terry Johnson's Flamingos.

"Charlie & Pam,  I'm the guy who spoke with you at Lead East showing you two CDs I'd just purchased from Clifton Music.  They contained the Coronets, Pelicans, Five C's plus others.  Even though I already had and was familiar with 'Tell Me' by the Five C's, I suddenly realized that this might be one of the earliest examples of the words 'doo wop'.  It was recorded in Dec 1953 and released soon afterwards. I think this beats out the Turbans - 'When You Dance'" - Ed Tezlaf  [Thanks Ed.  You got us there!  We can't think of any song released earlier than that with the phrase 'Doo Wop' in it.  "Let the Boogie Woogie Roll" by the Drifters, recorded in mid-1953 used the phrase "Doo Wop" but it wasn't released until 1960!  We'll bet there are earlier songs with "Doo Wop" in them but we can't think of any.  Can anyone reading this come up with a song using "Doo Wop" prior to January 1954? - C&P]

[Regarding our Charleston trip]  "Charles and Pam,  It was great seeing you both again in Charleston. Thanks for all that you do to keep the music alive. We are honored to part of your adventure. Great articles!  Take care," - Dana Jones, the Fabulous Shades

"Charlie and Pam,  Just finished the latest issue of Echoes of the Past featuring your article, "The Vic Donna Story."  Very enjoyable and informative!  The very little I knew about him before was really just the two songs plus brief liner notes on the Golden Group L.P. series on Relic on Angletone/Atlas Records.  Vic has had a very interesting and very musically active life indeed!  I was appalled at the heavy fines imposed on The Compliments by the musicians' union in Miami!  I know musicians' unions are supposed to ultimately protect the interests of musicians but these big fines levied on the Compliments just because they did not have another gig lined up?  Outrageous!   One thing that also struck me about the Vic Donna story is really how easy it was for a kid in the late 1940's and 1950's to be able to enter showbiz.  Yes, hard work and talent are indeed relevant but still, when you think about it, it's kind of amazing how a young unknown kid could suddenly find him/herself actually making records, singing live on the radio and perhaps also making television appearances.  Probably the most obvious example is Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers but there were quite a few others.  How about Sugar Chile Robinson piping away with his 8-year old voice while playing great boogie woogie piano?   It's not unheard of now for talented kids to get into showbiz, but I think it's a lot less likely now.  Payola may have also had something to do with it, but just thinking of how easy, in some ways, it was back in the old days, to form a vocal group, get the attention of a small independent record label, and then, perhaps, actually make a record that might even get played on the radio is such a contrast to the corporate barriers and walls present in today's music/entertainment industry.  Of course, the Internet now makes it possible for anyone with the computer know-how to put something out on You Tube, etc. but that's just not the same as making a record and getting it played on the radio.  True amateurs really had a chance once upon a time.  I'm not saying all vintage R. & B./vocal group records are great, but sometimes it's the most amateur-sounding that have the most charm.  I'm thinking of records such as "Did It" by the Laddins or "The Chimes" by the Shades or "God Only Knows" by the Capris.
    Anyway, back to Vic Donna!  Great article and I hope to place an order for the new Vic Donna CD so I can hear more than just the two enjoyable songs, "Love Was a Stranger to Me" and "Count the Tears," that I've listened to for close to 35 years." - Tim Dodge
(Dr. Hepcat), WEGL-FM, 91.1 FM, Auburn, AL (http://wegl.auburn.edu/[Thanks Tim.  For those who haven't yet read our article on Vic Donna, click Donna.  Then hit the Back Button to return to this page. - C&P] 

"We'd like to announce a new radio show starting, "The Rhythm And Blues Soiree," broadcasting on WIFI 1460 AM, out of Burlington/Florence NJ and streaming live at www.wifi1460am.com.  Airtime is Mondays from 5PM to 7PM Eastern Time.  The show's hosts are Paul Ressler and Jim Bakay.  Paul is a long-time record collector and UGHA member, and has one of the world's major collections of vintage rhythm and blues photographs. In addition, he has provided the 'Single Artist Record Of The Week' archives that are available on Tony Fournier's fine Vocal Group Harmony website [see our Great Links Page].  Jim hosts a Saturday morning radio show on WRDV-FM (Sound Of The City- www.wrdv.org ) and cohosts with Carl Tancredi a web-only Thursday evening show, 'Work With Me Annie' on Gold Radio ( www.goldradio.net ).  He also sings with the acappella group Street Corner Five [see our Great Links Page].  The Rhythm And Blues Soiree will feature a mix of vocal group harmony, soul, blues shouters, gospel, and who knows what else. We expect to have special programs featuring live performances, interviews, and lots of other fun.  We hope you'll give us a listen and enjoy what you hear. We'll be putting up a website at www.rhythmandbluessoiree.com where we'll archive some show.  Thanks," - Paul and Jim  [We meant to post this a couple months ago but fell behind in updating our website.  We know and respect both these gentlemen.  This show deserves a listen! - C & P.]

[Regarding our trip to Quebec City]  "Dear Charlie & Pam,  I was also in Canada recently.  I was in Montreal for the Montreal comedy festival a month ago, two weeks ago I was in Vancouver where I was producing a television show for the oldest living female conjoined twins meeting the youngest  female conjoined twins.  I leave for Mexico City next week where I am involved in producing a show for a major Mexican known personality, Carlos Slim.  He is supposed to be the third richest man in the world.  On to China in October. 
    I only mention this because at my age, what is considered a Senior Citizen, a title I HATE, Oaky Miller or Chuck Harris is very much alive.  I believe we don't have to stop being who we are because we reach a certain age, if you don't want to stop.  Unfortunately the world around us puts us on a shelve and or in the corner when we start to collect our Social Security checks.  We always hear that age is a just a number. I not only believe in that but live it.   
    I would be thrilled as well as honored to be included on your web page so all my good friends in Philadelphia know that Oaky Miller AKA Chuck Harris is still very much alive and well. 
    I am not sure if I mentioned to you that when I went back to my 50th high School reunion, I had the time of my life because I was only Oaky Miller again. No one knew me as Chuck Harris, all my class mates knew me only as Oaky Miller.  With all the wonderful things I have done, having tea with the Queen of England, being invited to the White House on many different occasions, working with Arnold Schwartznegger for 17 years, many films and sitcoms as an actor or as a producer, going back to my High School reunion and being Oaky Miller once again for a day was honestly one of the best days of my life. 
    Thanks to the both of you I have the opportunity to let my friends know that I am alive and well. My thanks.  Warmest Regards," -  Chuck Harris (Oaky Miller)  [Great hearing from you Chuck (or as we remember you, Oaky).  You'll always be a part of our Philly area radio legacy!  Please stay in touch. - C&P]

Charlie & Pam, this the best site anywhere...............and no one could do it better...........Paul from Mayfair

"Hi Charlie 'n Pam.  Always great to see your articles, pics etc.  Check out our web site www.thefiveboroughs.net or go to our www.myspace.com/thefiveboroughsfla for LIVE SHOWS etc.  Have a great day." - Frank Iovino, The Five Boroughs, The Five Discs and Just Friends.  [Thanks Frank.  We've added your sites to our Great Links page.  Best wishes to you and the group! - C&P]

“Dear Charlie and Pam.  Thank you for putting us on the site, and writing the things you did, especially about us being professionals.  Thank you for bringing us in on your acappella shows, and we hope you have many more to build on the success.” - E-Z and the CHOICE bad boys.  [Thanks E-Z.  You guys do a great show.  We feel sorry for those who missed it. – C&P]

“Dear Charlie & Pam.  We love all the guys in Choice. We spent a day with them at E-Z’s home in June.  Sang for hours.  Jerry is doing a show at The Bitter End 9/19 and if all goes according to plan, Choice will come up and do a Gospel tune with Jerry.   That will probably rip the roof off the place!  Maybe we’ll see you there?  Sincerely,” - Julie Lawson.  [Julie’s husband Jerry Lawson is the former lead of the Persuasions]  [Hi Julie and Jerry.  We’ll have to check our schedule as 9/19 gets closer.  In the meantime, we’ve posted the flyer to Jerry’s show on our Calendar Page.  Best wishes – C&P]

“Charlie and Pam,  Wow, what a nice piece you did on CHOICE.  On behalf of the guys, we thank you for the opportunity, and the conveying a very positive experience with them.  I really wish you the best in this idea of acappella at the libraries to really take off and flourish, and bring in local people, lots of them, where ever you go.  That's my wish!  It's a great thing you both are doing. I so admire your work.  Please keep keeping us posted. so I can in turn promote your efforts.” – Christine Vitale, WFDU’s “Group Harmony Alley.”  [Hi Christine.  Thanks for helping arrange the Choice concert at the Franklin Township Public Library.  We all had a great time. Best wishes, – C&P]

“You guys are great. Can I visit the warehouse?  I’m going to try and make the September dates.  I love Eddie Daye (Four Bars).  ‘Come Back to These Arms’ is a classic.”  - Grouchy Greg/Founder/allhiphop.com/raresoul.com  [Hi Greg.  Nice hearing from you.  Right now the CUH Archives warehouse is so filled with records and memorabilia we can hardly get into it.  So sad to hear about Eddie Daye’s passing also.  Hope you can make one of our presentations in September [see Our Events Schedule for details].  Best wishes – C&P] 

“Hello Charlie & Pam.  I am KiKi Montyoa, daughter of Doc Robinson of the Mastertones.  Doc wanted to tell you how the Mastertones started in 1951 and won at The Apollo Theatre in 1954 with The Harptones.  The Mastertones recorded “Tell Me” and “What'll You Do.”  Later it became a collectors’ item that was played by Slim Rose of Time Square Records.  There are only two Mastertones left, Emanuel ‘Doc’ Robinson and Charles ‘Stoney’ Dimbo.” - Your Pal Doc Robinson & KiKi Montoya.  [Hi Doc and KiKi.  What a pleasure it is to hear from you.  “Tell Me” is one of our favorite records!  We’d like to post something about the Mastertones on our website.  We’ll call you.  Thanks very much for emailing us. – C&P]

“Hello!  My name is Gayle James from Washington, DC.  A friend sent me your site to view the Billy Taylor tribute.  I called all the guys and told them to go to your site.  Everyone call back and said GREAT!!  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Taylor several years ago; such a wonderful person to talk to.  As a second generation member of a Doo Wop Group, it means so much to me that someone is trying to let the history be known.  Wish you were here in our area.  Please visit our web site www.reesepalmersmarquees.com.  The site in still under construction but there is a little info on there.  We have an up coming show with the Fiestas from your area, on August 29th.  First time they have been in this area since 1960.  Please keep up the good work, I will keep up with you site.  Thanks,” - Gayle James, Manager/Vocalist for The Marquees (Marvin Gaye's first Group).  [Hi Gayle.  Thanks for the nice comments.  Love the Marquees!  We have all their records. Tell Reese and the guys we said hello.  I [Charlie] met Reece some time back, through Diz Russell.  By the way, you have a nice website.  We’ll add it to our Links Page.  Unfortunately we’ll miss seeing you the 29th because we’ll be in Charleston, SC.  Keep us informed of future appearances. – C&P]

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “It sadden us all that Billy has passed on but it's nice to see a tribute to him.  I loved that high tenor lead music by the Castelles (Angels, Hideaways, etc.) and I feel blessed that I had a chance to see Billy at the South Philly String Band club not too long ago.  Thanks to you and Pam for keeping the music alive.  Best Regards,” – Dennis of Mid Life Crisis (Website: http://www.midlifecrisis.net)

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “Charlie & Pam,  Thanks for alerting us to the sad news.  While I never had the pleasure of meeting Billy Taylor or seeing him or any of the Castelles in person, I have really loved their music for several decades.  As you know, I used to listen to your WXPN radio show during my years at Swarthmore College (1975-79).  However, it was the Geator with the Heator who first really alerted me to the Castelles when he played ‘My Girl Awaits Me’ on his wild radio show that I used to catch during those same years.  Of course, I located a 33 RPM reissue album of the Castelles’ records at Val Shively's store.  I can still recall enjoying the trip by bus from Swarthmore to Upper Darby.  As a country boy from New Hampshire, I got a kick out of riding the city buses and I recall that particular trip it was a hot, humid day.  No air conditioning and all the bus windows were open and I still remember feeling so excited to have located not just "My Girl Awaits Me" but probably about a dozen other songs and I remember rushing back to my dorm room with that L.P. and listening in pure enjoyment to that record (which I still have, of course).  Such vocal treasures – ‘Marcella’, ‘Over a Cup of Coffee’, ‘My Girl Awaits Me’ and more!  I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Castelles' uptempo numbers too including the catchy ‘Happy and Gay’ and ‘Sweetness.’  I took a look at your website.  Great photos!  Also, it's very nice to know what became of Billy Taylor (and others).  Over the years, I have often wondered what became of my musical heroes unless, or course, they were huge stars.  The Castelles were, for me, one of those many mystery groups and singers.  Thanks again for posting all of this fascinating information.  As the decades roll on, a lot of these singers and groups and musicians are in danger of falling into total obscurity and it's such a shame if younger generations never find out about this wonderful music.  That's actually one of my main motivations in broadcasting my own 1950's-focussed radio show on WEGL and it's such a thrill to hear from a young college student that he or she is thrilled to discover a song thanks to the show.” – Tim Dodge (Dr. Hepcat), WEGL-FM, 91.1 FM, Auburn, AL (http://wegl.auburn.edu/[Hi Tim.  Good to hear from you again.  Thanks for the kind words about our website and please stay in touch. – C&P]

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “Charlie & Pam, I'm very sorry for your loss of a great friend. I totally understand the loss of one of our great pioneers.  It's so sad to see them go.  They touched our hearts in such a way that only the love of what they represent can nearly say how we feel.  ‘Hurt to the bone.’  Glad to see your still keeping the vocal group love going.  All my very best to you both.” - Elmer Hopper, The Mills Brothers, formerly of Paul Robi’s Platters, www.xplatter.com  [Thanks Elmer.  Great hearing from you again.  Didn’t realize you had a blog.  We’ll add it to our Links Page.  Best wishes, C&P]    

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “Everyone who loves music will miss Billy.  Thank you for a wonderful journey through his career via text and pictures.  Missed you at Doowop Festival on Saturday.” - Ken Thompson. [Hi Ken.  Thanks for the kind words about our Billy Taylor tribute.  We missed the Philly Doo Wop Festival due to a prior commitment.  Can’t make everything, though we do try.  Best wishes. – C&P]

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “Hi Charlie & Pam,  Sorry to hear of the death of our homeboy (Philadelphian) Billy Taylor of the Castelles.  Our condolences are extended to his family.” - Florence & Elmer Ridley

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “I am so sorry there hear Billy passed away.  My prayers to his family, to God he goes with the big Band in the sky.” - Antheny Shane

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “I am saddened to hear of Billy Taylor's passing.  In 2007...on a tv show… accidentally ran across it on the internet… archived… Danny DeVito tells of how he was going through a painful period in his life (romantically)… his friend Nicky Addeo brought him a record titled 'Over A Cup Of Coffee.’  Danny since early on in his career has stated that 'Over A Cup Of Coffee' is one of his favorite recordings.” – Nicky Addeo  [Thanks Nicky.  Billy Taylor and the Castelles touched a lot of our lives. – C&P] 

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “Hello all.  Just a short note to inform you that David Govan, the baritone with the Vibrations, Marathons and Jayhawks has passed away not to long ago.  Sorry to hear about Billy Taylor. Keep up your good work.” - Carl Fisher of the Vibrations, Marathons and Jayhawks.

[Regarding our tribute to Billy Taylor]  “Thanks Charlie and Pam.  It is all too sad that we are losing so many but fortunate they came our way.” - Andrea and Lee

“I belonged to a group that recorded songs back in the fifties, called the Epics.  We recorded “Rita” and “Bumble Bee” for Jubilee Records but they were never released.  We were first introduced on stage by the well known group, Dion and the Belmonts.  The manager who formerly managed the Belmonts also managed us.  We were still in high school. The members of the group were from Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx.” - Bill Medina, Easton, PA  [Hi Bill.  Many great groups either never recorded, or, like your group, recorded but never had the record released.  At least you were part of that fabulous era.  We understand your trying to put together another group now.  Keep singing! – C&P]

“Hi Charlie.  I hope you and Pam are doing well.  I just had to reply to your Tyrone & the Nu-Ports article.  I knew Tyrone and the Nu-Ports as I grew up in Camden.  One of their best cuts was a tune called, ‘Look At Her Eyes’ an up-tempo tune that might have been the B-side of ‘The Combination.’  My group ‘The Styles’ was managed by a promoter in Lawnside, NJ, (the first totally black town in NJ). We used to hang out with Kenny Gamble and the Romeos as we all worked at Lorretta's HyHat Club.  I've asked a lot of people through the years and not many had ever heard of the group.  When my group disbanded for military service etc., Tyrone was living on Haddon Ave. in Camden and I went to visit him.  I tried to talk him into starting another group but he seemed very discouraged by the music business and I never saw him again.  Great post.  Thanks,” - Pat Yoke, Cornerstone  [Hi Pat.  Thanks for a very interesting email.  Glad you enjoyed the Tyrone & the Nu-Ports article.  Say “Hi” to the guys in Cornerstone for us. – C&P]

“Dear Dr. & Mrs. Horner,  A film producer who is producing a document film on Oaky Miller now A.K.A. Chuck Harris found an article you wrote that mentioned me.  I am Oaky Miller and I thank you for the nice words you said about me.
Jeff, the producer was nice enough to get me a copy and the few things you said about me.  That was extremely nice of you so I wanted to personally thank you.  It is always nice to read a nice complement about your past, as well as your future.
Why two names. Just to bring you up to date, after being in Hollywood for 25 years and being a semi regular on the Ozzie & Harriet television show plus working on many other television shows, as well as doing 12 films no one wanted me.  My career was over with.
I changed my name to Chuck Harris and started to book variety performers all over the world and almost over night I became very successful.  I still love the name Oaky Miller more than anything and my family and old good friends still only call me Oaky Miller.
I have been featured in People Magazine, as well as making the front cover of the Los Angeles Times magazine, not an easy thing to do in Hollywood when you have George Clooney and Leo DeCaprio and Jennifer Anniston, etc., etc., fighting for space all the time.
It has been a great Journey to get here.  Just like in the Godfather, just when I thought I was out they bring me back in again.  Last year I was invited to star on a television show for the BBC similar to America's Got Talent or American Idol.  I was so well received that everyone wanted to meet this American.  I was invited to have tea with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
Having been to the White house several times, as well as presenting many of the artists that Arnold Schwartznegger uses, meeting the Queen was the best of all.
If you get a chance to go to my private web site www.keynotespeakerchuckharris.com you will see me with many of the above. Also if you get a chance go to Chuck Harris The Wizard of Odd on UTUBE and you will see a pre-pilot of my new show. 
I just felt it was good to hear and read about Oaky Miller one more time and that is why I wanted to bring you up to date. 
In he Film Documentary they are doing on me I talk about my legal real name, which very few even know that I have a real other name Oaky Miller and or Chuck Harris. The last name is Miller, but the first name I have not used in over 55 years.  Warmest Regards,” - Oaky Miller  [Hi Oakie!  Thanks for the nice email and the update on your career.  A lot of people from Philly and Chester, PA, remember you from your radio days.  Glad to hear you’re doing well.  Please stay in touch! – C&P]

"Hello Charlie and Pam,  Of course I remember you.  I have that picture of Pam and myself in my photo album!  Yes, I've been living in Holland since 2001 -- consider myself semi-retired (mainly because the gigs are few and far between over here!)  I have an appointment to meet a Dutch documentary maker in a couple of weeks.  She's interested in my background . . . I'll keep you posted.  Best regards,” - Gaynel Hodge, The Turks.  [Gaynel!  We were wondering what happened to you.  Glad you’re doing fine.  We must get together next time we’re in the Netherlands.  Stay well. – C&P]

"Hey Guys,  This is a great website.   I really enjoyed the Chicago Soul pictures.  I once was produced by Carl Davis. Most of our recordings were arranged by Sonny Sanders.  Nice to see people still care about 60's soul...  Keep me on your mailing list.  You guys are as committed as I am to keeping R & B vocal group's heritage alive, whether they be black or white, it's all in the harmony!!!!  Regards," - David Bupp, Lead Vocalist, The Magnificent Men  [Hi Dave.  We're big fans of yours.  I (Charlie) grew up in Philly and bought all of your records!  With your help, we'll post an article on the Magnificent Men very soon.  Thanks for writing! - C&P]

"Hi Pam & Charlie.  Keep up the important work you're doing!" - Joseph Mirrione, Terry Johnson's Flamingos

"Hiya, Charlie and Pam...  I didn't want to assume that you knew the 4 Epics...  that's the reason I made the phone call.  I had no idea you knew Rocky [McKnight].  I miss him very much... miss our monthly phone chats.  Were you aware that he and I worked on getting all the material ready for the CD that was released in '01...  and he passed away a month before it came out.  He never got the chance to see the fruits of our labor.  Since that time, I have put up a website with our history, etc. as a legacy of our time in the spotlight.  If you care to visit or link it to your site, please feel free.  You both take care and safe trip on your NY visit.  Regards." - Jimmy Mullen, The Four Epics.  [Nice hearing from you Jimmy.  By the way, you have a fabulous website!  Love the photos from the recording sessions.  We've added your Four Epics website to our Links Page.  By the way, did you know we have an acetate of "Mr. Cupid" by your group, the Vespers, with a longer instrumental introduction?  Warmest regards and please stay in touch! - C&P]

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  Just read your article on Tyrone and Nu-Ports.  Great research and info which actually answered many questions I had...  I lived in Atco during 1961-65.  The radio was full of "Feel Like a Million" for a few weeks.  I had the Skip & Dell record w/o knowing its history.  I sorrowfully traded it...  Live and learn.  Anyway, reading the story took me "home".  Hope to see you soon and of course will continue reading your stories.  Any word on the Philly Doo Wop Festival 2009?" - Ken Thompson  [Thanks, Ken.  Always good hearing from you.  In the time we took to post your email, the details for the 2009 Philly Doo Wop Festival have been released.  Please check our Events Calendar Page. - C&P]

"I wish you well and once again commend you on your tremendous effort to keep our music going by telling its story. Please feel free to keep in touch.  Best wishes," - Christine Vitale, WFDU-FM’s “Group Harmony Alley”

"Thanks for the invite.  I wish I could be there [at the CUH presentation], but impossible.  I am going to Atlanta GA on May 20th.  I will touch base when I get there.  I really enjoyed meeting both of you in NJ and PA and look forward to seeing you in person soon.  Love," - Luther, the Four Deuces

"Hi Charlie & Pamela.  Barbara Green would like to thank you so much for the record you gave to her during her visit to SoulTrip USA Chicago.  As you can imagine she was devastated when her only copy of "Young Boy" had been broken during a move.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.  She would also like to thank you for posting the pictures on your website, they all look terrific.  She had a wonderful time and enjoyed meeting many of her adoring fans and would like to thank everyone who has made her music famous.  She looks forward to the beginning of new projects that are currently in the works.  Thanks again, Sincerely," - Wendy Cox  [Thanks Wendy.  Please tell Barbara we are big fans of hers and giving her a copy of her record was the least we could do. - C&P]

"Howdy neighbors,  Just saw Mr. Charles Winley & the Clovers, (not the original group as you know), The Chiffons (ditto), the G-Clefs, and Willie Winfield and the Harptones at the Zeiterion Performing Arts Center in New Bedford, MA., Saturday night, April 18, 2009.  All put on a good show for the sold out audience.  On a personal note, we thought the Harptones really sounded great.  Their harmony was letter-perfect, their stage presentation very smooth and professional and their outfits - eye catching.  Mr. Winley's voice was as good as we've ever heard it and he still has that magnetic smile, a smile that you can't help but love.  He's 75 and looking good for his age.  The Chiffons original lead singer, Judy Craig Mann was backed by her niece and daughter. The audience gave them an enthusiastic welcome and a standing ovation following their performance.  Since Rolly Clements, and I grew up with the G-Clefs, We had a chance prior to the show to talk to them backstage about "the old days"...growing up in Roxbury, Mass., and our first performances on stage.  They've always been very animated, smiling, and using that always present, high stepping, pulsating rhythm to captivate the audience.  They were very cordial and just before we parted, they all purchased a copy of my book, "The Sophomores and Me".  Jack Colombo’s five-piece Coast To Coast Band provided the backing for the Clovers, Chiffons, and Harptones." - Daniel Hood bass singer and Rolly Clements, tenor, for the Boston-based group, The Sophomores

"What a resource!" - Marty

"Pam and Charlie.  Good luck today.  I hope to see your presentation one day.  Best wishes, KJ.  PS, Please ask Vic Donna about the Parakeets.  White lead paired with a black group.  Unique for its time or more common than I think?" - KJ.  [Thanks KJ.  We're taking your advice and making Vic Donna & the Parakeets our next article for Echoes of the Past.  Fascinating story! - C&P]

[Regarding the 60th Birthday of the 45 RPM]  "Hi, Charlie, I hope you're going to celebrate (as I do) 'Edison Day'.  On August 12, 1877, he made the first sound recording: http://home.att.net/~marvy42/edison.html   45s are ok, but give me a cylinder any time.  Best" - Marv  [Thanks Marv.  We'll be sure to post photos of some of our cylinders by black vocal quartets, come August 12. - C&P]

[Regarding the 60th Birthday of the 45 RPM]  "Dear Charlie & Pam - As fate would have it, I also was born 60 years ago on March 31, 1949.  Happy Birthday to both of us!" - Little Isidore

[Regarding our appearance on the Group Harmony Alley Radio Show]  "Hi Charlie and Pam. I'm really glad we had that time to share, because I really strongly believe in the work you're doing. Unfortunately, it never is long enough, and there's always more music and discussion to cover than time allows.  I appreciate that you and Pam came.  [The pictures you posted] look great. I am glad to see that the photos really show that we had a very enjoyable time! Thanks for putting them up, and the link to Abie's site." - Christine Vitale, The Group Harmony Alley, WFDU-FM.  [Thank you, Christine, for all your support of the music.  We had a great time! - C&P]

[Regarding Chicago Soultrip] "Dear Charlie and Pam:  I emailed Donn Montgomery, who is the son of Larry Montgomery of the Vows/.Major IV and sent him your link so he could see the photo of his dad and group.  He posted it on www.soulfulplanet.com and you can see his postings about his own experiences at the affair if you go to:  Forums:  Music General, then SoulTrip USA - Chicago - donn.  He was thrilled to get your photos and info.  Apparently he had posted and it all got lost, but now he has reposted.  By the way, his mother, whose name, I believe, is Laurel, was in the Kittens.  Their first record was on Vick, "Wait A Minute (You're Getting Careless With My Heart)", as well as ABC and Chess.  She was unable to attend." - Elaine Wade  [Thanks Elaine.  We did check out Donn's postings.  Nice work Donn. - C&P]

"Good morning, Charlie & Pam.  Great meeting the both of you in Chicago.  It's always tough to try and talk at these venues because of the music being played so hard, it tends to be a string of "shoutbytes" !!  Shame I missed Carl Davis & the Detroit trip but being in my new job I don't have a lot of vacation.  We'll have to wait and see if this really was the very last Soultrip USA, I fear it may well have been with the current economic situation and the UK pound/US dollar exchange rate.  When I next get to New jersey i will sure try and touch base with you and of course if you're ever in Belgium.................  Best wishes." - Chris Lalor

"Hi Pam & Charlie.  Just wanted to say hello and hope you're doing well!  Enjoy your updates & site.  Keep up the good work!  Still enjoying my fond memories of the [Black Swan] show.  I had the best time, meeting new people and sharing space with old friends.  When you see the guys from Mark's show please say 'Hi' for me!  Take care." - Morris Wade, the Columbus Pharaohs

[Regarding Chicago Soultrip] "Pam & Charlie - Clearly the roots of northern soul are in R&B harmony.  Big Mike bought the Ebon-Knights' "First Date" LP from another collector who did not like it.  Great group in the Sophomores or Rhythm Aces' fashion.  Wonderful discovery.  Keep me in the loop.  Regards." - KJ

"Hi Pam & Charles.  It was a pleasure to meet you both in Chicago. I hope you enjoyed your time there?  We certainly did, especially the Detroit trip, unforgettable and something we have never experienced before.  We are attaching three pictures as promised.  Hope you like them.  As a result of the trip, our meeting with Carl Davis, Deon Jackson and of course Mel Britt, we are going to be seeing some exciting things in the future. Will keep you informed as to what we are up to as it happens. Please do keep in touch and remember, Dave is looking forward to featuring articles from you in future issues of There's That Beat!  Best regards." - Bev & Dave Moore  [Thanks Bev & Dave.  We enjoyed meeting you too!  The photos you've sent have been added to our Chicago SoulTrip USA Page.  We look forward to submitting articles to There's That Beat.  t's a great magazine. - C&P]

[Regarding Chicago Soultrip]  "Great stuff!!!  All is well." - Gus Godsey

[Regarding Chicago Soultrip]  "Charlie & Pam ----- Great article. Nice job." - Mark  del Costello

[Regarding Chicago Soultrip]  "Man you guys are having a ball!!!  Awesome." - Cool Bobby B, XM Radio's Doo Wop Stop.

"Dear Charlie and Pam.  Did you meet a member of the Ebon-Knights [at Soultrip Chicago]?  'That's The Way The Ball Bounces,'  the 'First Date' LP... a Big Mike and Ronnie I favorite!  Wow!  What adventures you have!  Best wishes." - KJ  [Thanks KJ.  We hope to do an article on the Ebon-Knights soon. - C&P]

"Dear Charlie and Pam:  I loved your photos and description of Chicago Soultrip.  I didn't know about it.  I would've loved to come, and it is only 5 1/2-6 hours drive for me.  I just did a show with Bob Miner this last Sunday at WHPK, University of Chicago; his vocal group harmony show is just ahead of Bob Abrahamian's Sitting in the Park show, on www.whpk.org.  Next time you come to Chicago, you should contact Miner, as he would love to have you on his show, which runs from 6 to 7:30PM Central time." - Elaine Wade  [Thanks Elaine.  We know Bob Minor and Bob Abrahamian and they both do great radio shows. - C&P]

"Hi Charlie! Hi Pam!  Your website is coming along so well.  There's so much great info on there.  I've been letting lots of friends and colleagues know about it.  Congrats on the event at the Hall in Cleveland with Deborah Chessler.  What an important piece of history." - Joe Mirrione, Terry Johnson’s Flamingos

"I became aware of your presentation through the Bridgewater Library and decided to search for your website.   I have enjoyed reading about the various groups.  Is there any way you could add sound music from the artists to the site which will further enhance the visit?" -  John  [Thanks, John.  We'd love to add music but are concerned about copyright infringement.  We are in the process of obtaining permission for some songs from our songwriter and singer friends.  We hope to have some sound on our site soon. - C&P]

"Charlie and Pam.  Wonderful!  This was my first visit [to your website], but it won't be my last.  What you are doing for our music is fantastic, much congratulations.  Should you ever be in the South Jersey area, especially on a Wednesday, please feel free to drop by the Doo Wop Diner and be my guest to promote the fine work you are doing.  Yours in DooWop," - Lou Costello, "The Doo Wop Diner," Wednesdays 7-9 PM, Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT in South New Jersey.  [Thanks Lou, we may do just that! - C&P] 

"Hello Pam & Charlie.  It sounds as though you two had an awesome time in Cleveland.  People are indeed impressed by Charlie's knowledge of doo wop music along with early R&B.  We listened to Charlie's interview on J. P. Godsey's Show today.  It was nice to hear the Mills Brothers mentioned.  I enjoyed the story of Richard Barrett and Little Anthony & the Imperials with regard to Tears on My Pillow.  Barrett could be stubborn, it seems.  He made a wise choice on that song by 'giving in'.  It is interesting to note how younger groups came out as a result of Frankie Lymon in '56.  The interview may have been short but it was informative.  Warmest regards." - Lisa, NJ. 

“Congratulations on the Rock and Roll Hall thing, very cool. - Gus Godsey, the “J. P, Godsey Show,” 4-5 PM EST on WPMH 670 AM, Virginia Beach, VA. and on the Internet through http://www.mrhappyusa.com/ 

“Charlie congrats on the Hall Of Fame interview.  Keep up the great work." - Charlie Stinchcomb, "The Time Machine" Saturdays, 3pm - 7pm, http://www.1430wnav.com/

“Looks like a wonderful event.  Much success.”  Nicky Addeo

“Charlie & Pam.  Excellent work, keep it up.” - Richard Phillips

“Hi.  I really enjoy your site.  I had a question I was wondering if you could help me with.  Can you tell me anything about the Tress label of Flemington, NJ.  Who owned it?  What other vocal groups were on it other than the Futuretones?  How long did it run?  Any help would be appreciated.  Sincerely. -  Mike Wehrman  [Hi, Mike.  Very interesting question!  The Tress label does say Flemington, NJ on the label but the only record we know of on it is by the Futuretones and they were from Cleveland.  Famous soul singer Edwin Starr (real name Charles Edwin Hatcher) started out singing with that group and is on the record.  The Futuretones sang from 1956 to 1960, when Hatcher went into the service.  The record came out around 1957 and got a lot of airplay around Cleveland, but that’s about it.  How the Futuretones got on a label from Flemington, NJ, is anybody’s guess.  Original copies of the record now sell for $1200 a copy and the record has been bootlegged.  Legend has it that about 30 years ago, Donn Feleti of Relic Records tracked down the Flemington address and drove out there but there was nothing but an old deserted barn.  Venturing inside the barn, Donn discovered a couple of 45 boxes marked “Futuretones”, but the boxes were empty.  Donn, if you read this maybe you can confirm this story.  [Thanks to our friend Willie C for refreshing our memories on this legend.]  If anyone out there knows anything about the Tress label, please email us. – C&P]

"Hello Charlie & Pam.  I’ve just checked out the most recent updating of your website, and it is fantastic.  For anyone interested in R&B Vocal Group Harmony (popularly known as "Doo Wop") your website is a must.  It contains information and photos of groups that are unavailable anywhere else.  For collectors there are many photos of record labels which are very interesting and for all enthusiasts there are articles and discographies which must have taken a great deal of time and effort on the part of both of you and many others to research and compile.  There are photos of recent shows that you attended, as well as many vintage photos of the groups.  There are also many links to other websites about the groups which would be hard to find otherwise.  Your website is updated pretty frequently, with a lot of obscure information which many enthusiasts would like to know, but would not be available anywhere else. Five stars out of five!!!  By the way, this year is the 60th anniversary year of the introduction of the 45 RPM format.  Perhaps at some time in the near future, this might be a good thing to feature on your website.  Thanks again.” - Tom Rowell  [Thanks Tom, for the kind words.  Nice idea on the 60th anniversary of the 45.  We’ll try to put something up on that in the near future! – C&P]

"Pam & Charlie.  Thank you for all the great years at WXPN, and this website.  I really enjoyed the Philadelphia area group list.  In case this is a work in progress, don't forget the Four Evers (Jamie 1247), a Bob Finis Production.  Usually they are included with New York's Forevers.  Thank you for keeping it going." - Jack (Philly).  [Thanks for the addition, Jack.  We've added several new groups to the list. - C&P]

"So wonderful to see you both at Mr. C's.  Thank you for the kind words." - Nicky Addeo.

"Dear Folk's,  I came across your website just by chance and glanced at it briefly as I am at work.  Just felt like I found gold and am excited to return and continue reading your info.  You are a gift for us who are on the front lines of keeping our music alive. Just a short note to say keep up the good work and God bless you." -  Tommy Petillo, lead singer of  Duprees.  [Thanks Tommy.  We're big Duprees fans, too!  Check out the Duprees and Tommy's websites from our LINKS Page. - C&P]

“Hi Pam & Charlie.  Happy holidays to both of you.  Now that I'm off from school for the holiday vacation, I finally had time to spend looking at your site.  This has to be one of THE best sites for information on group harmony music, the stories, the pictures and best of all, the personal touch!!  Thanks for giving fans another place to continue their quest for knowledge about their favorite music makers!  Regards” - John Clemente, Author of Girl Groups, Fabulous Females That Rocked The World and lead of The Four Man Trio.

“Happy Holidays to you folks, and may there be many more.  [Regarding the Orioles “Lonely Christmas” page], last time I saw the Orioles was at the Rollaway Skating Rink in Revere, Mass.  It was July, 1954 and I had just came back from overseas.  My duty station was Hanscom Field, Bedford, Mass.  Fortunately, my home was only 17 miles away in Roxbury, Mass., so I was on what the Air Force called, "separate rations."  The word had gone up around the neighborhood that Sonny Till & the Orioles were going to be in town. Well, the most popular place at the time (at least where guys & girls could meet) was the Rollaway. So my buddy, who owned a 52 Olds 88, and I went to see them.  They put on quite a show, with Sonny Till stealing the hearts of all the girls with his sexy, smooth tenor voice.  They were just one of the many R & B groups that inspired us to become the Sophomores.  Anyway, I thought I'd share that memory with you and also take the time to thank you for all the support you have given us.” - Dan Hood, Sophomores bass singer and author of The Sophomores and Me [Thanks Dan.  Best of luck with the new book.  We’ll be reviewing The Sophomores and Me on this site soon. – C&P]

“Hi Charlie & Pam.  I just printed the "Lonely Christmas " story from your sight.  That was the same year my sister took me to the Earl Theater at 11th & Market Streets (Philadelphia) to see the Orioles. It was also the year I sang Nat Cole's "Unforgettable" on TV.  HAPPY HOLIDAYS.” - Walt Miller  [Walt formerly sang and recorded with the Re-Vels and Castelles.  He’s back performing jazz in the Philadelphia area as Walt Miller & Co. – C&P] 

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  I want to thank you for the kind words on your website about my research on The Notes [Unknown Vocal Group #1] record.  I enjoyed reading and learning about this fabulous group.  You raised some interesting questions about and why Capitol records obtained those recordings.  Perhaps some day we'll find out answers to those questions as well.  Hopefully some of the group members are still alive and they can answer these questions themselves." - Pete Finn  [Pete, thanks again for identifying Unknown Vocal Group #1.  By the way, we're not finished investigating this group.  Watch this site for some more startling revelations about them in 2009! - C&P] 

"Thanks Charlie.  Always interesting info that you and Pam share." - Dennis of the acappella group, Mid Life Crisis

"Charlie & Pam.  Fascinating and wonderful how you and others pieced everything together [about Unknown Group #1].  Good to discover Unknown Groups #2 and #3 again also.  Thanks for all you are doing!" - Karen Efron

"Wow Charlie & Pam!! Great info and a big WTG to Mr. Finn [for identifying the Unknown Group]." - Ken Thompson

"Charlie & Pam.  Thanks so much for all of the support you've given over the years.  I certainly will let you know where I Land next." - Nick "Dr. Nick" Johnson  [We at Classic Urban Harmony were big fan's of XM's Soul Street Channel, especially Dr Nick's Sunday night Doo Wop Show.  Since Sirius merged with XM, Soul Street and Dr Nick's shows have been eliminated. - C&P]

"Dear Charlie & Pam,  I just finished reading the article on Claude Robinson & the Creations.  Great article... very interesting and great work.  Thanks again.  Best regards." - Steve Kahn

"Dear Pam % Charles.  If the two of you aren't the absolute best, then no one is." - Marc Taylor, "A Touch of Classic Soul" [To find out how to subscribe to "A Touch of Classic Soul" see our LINKS page.

"Hi,  Please note that with reference to  your discography for the Ad Libs, "Neighbour Neighbour"/"Lovely Ladies" was recorded  not by the American Ad Libs but by the British Group The Adlibs, who were the resident group at the famous Adlib Club in Leicester Square in London.  Cheers,"  Steve, Bass guitarist with the Adlibs. [Thanks Steve.  The Adlibs record on Interphon is one we didn't have.  We just made the correction. - C&P] 

“Dear Charlie and Pam:  I really enjoyed your show tonight [with George Frunzi on Goldradio, Nov.9, 2008].  There were many exciting and interesting things you played.  First and foremost were the two wonderful sides by the unknown group I have looked at so many times on your website!  They were great!  You should put them out; I know I would buy a copy, and I know a number of others that would be interested.  Absolutely incredible recordings!  Second was "Beautiful Dreamer" by Joey & the Til-Darcs.  I first heard both sides when Ted Artkowsky had them up for auction, on a list sent out to his regulars.  I actually bid on it, wondering if the mostly R&B oriented collectors on his list would be interested, but I didn't think I could pony up what it was worth.  Someone outbid me by about $100.  I recorded both sides from the tape onto a CD, which I still have and play.  Amazing that Pam found it in a yardsale!  Third was the demo by the Valitors.  I have the Allison record, which I bought from Ronnie I. the same day I met Ray Block, the bass, at UGHA.  You are right, the demo is a better recording.  And I never knew that Mark Stevens, aka Mark Stein became lead singer of Vanilla Fudge!  Wow!  Fourth--the Holy Shepherds, aka DuDroppers!  on RCA Camden of Canada!  Amazing!  Also amazing that Val presented the idea first of always playing a Gospel record.    Fifth--the Magnetics on Sound Trap--I knew this recording because Jimmy Amato recorded it on a CD and sent it to me a couple of years ago--great!  Well, those were just the highlights for me; the whole show was enjoyable and I look forward to hearing it again, when the CD's come along the 'Tape Chain'.”
- Elaine Wade  [Thanks for a nice review, Elaine. - C&P]

"H i Pam, Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Charlie [on George Frunzi's Goldradio show] - he had some interesting stories and I loved the one about finding records at a tag sale in CT. – Ron & Judy, CT

"Hi Charles and Pam,  I got a chance to visit your website.  It's great. I loved seeing photos of groups that I haven't seen in years.  I will be visiting the site often.  It's a great way to revisit the past and to find out what's happening now. Will certainly let my friends know about CUH's website.  Thanks you for all that you both are doing in archiving this wonderful music and the performers who would otherwise be forgotten." -  Lois of the Chantels

"Thank You Mr. Horner & Mrs. Horner for all you do."  - Joseph, wrbg1079fm.com

"Thanks, Please keep all those updates coming.  When is the next big doopwop event in Philly?  I'm lookiing for something that features both acappella and musical groups."  -  Ed Reid of the acappella group "Days Gone By"

"Hi Charlie and Pam,  Here's a few additions to the Philly group list: Jimmy and the Towers on Debann; Dialtones on Best.  Happy belated anniversary," -  Steve Applebaum

"Great pictures of your trip [to Europe].  Looks like you guys had a good time.  Take Care." - Charles Anderson

"Hi folks,  Okay, so I'm jealous  The pix [in Europe] look great and it looks like you had a great time.  Thanks for sharing them.  Be Blessed." - Marc Taylor - "A Touch of Classic Soul" [To find out how to subscribe to "A Touch of Classic Soul" see our LINKS page.

 "Dear Charlie and Pam,  Good to hear that you are back!  Thanks for sharing all the great stories. You can write very well Pam!  And very nice photos too.  I just loved the part on the Gates, they're my heroes.  All the best my friends." -  Dick Rietveld of the Deep River Quartet, The Netherlands

"Hey,  Keep on doing what you are doing. I think it's so cool.  As a lover of wonderful music, thanks for you work." = Howard Kalachnikoff

 "WOW.  Great pictures.  Great history still being made.  Thanks for sharing!" - Dana Jones of the Fabulous Shades

"Dear Pam & Charlie, I have just finished the very exciting story on your website about your European trip and also the meeting with your musical friends, the DRQ in Holland and the GGQ in France.  Real great pictures of all nice people!" - Lillemore, Sweden

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  Very good story, Pam!  You're very talented.  Top art work from Charlie too!  Thanks for telling these stories.  It's important that the world knows that good music still exists! - Sy Finck of the Deep River Quartet, The Netherlands

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  Very glad you guys had a safe trip back and had an enjoyable time here in Europe.  All the best and until soon!" - Paul Brembly of the Golden Gate Quartet, Paris, France

"Great photos and story line of your European tour, Charlie... looks like you and Pam had a blast.  Thanks for sharing!!!!" - Frankie Lafaro of Frankie & the Fashions

"Keep up the good work.  Glad to see more n more of these sites.  Best wishes." - Frank Iovino, Previously of the Bob Knight Four; presently of the Five Discs, Just Friends and the Five Boroughs

"Charlie & Pam, I want to thank you for all the wonderful photos from the Philly Festival and the Burlington 2008 Concert.  They are just great.  I promise to stay in touch with you and I am going to send your site to every one on my mailing list.  I hope to see you soon.  Best always." - Danny Hicks of the Continentals

"Hi Charlie & Pam,  Thanks for keeping us up to date.  Glad you had a good European trip!" - Karen Efron

"It's beautiful, congrats, and see you, hopefully soon." - J. P. "Gus" Godsey, "The J.P. Godsey Show," WPMH 670

"Dear Charlie & Pam,  Very informative piece!  Stay well." - Jimmy Castor 

"Charlie & Pam -  It was a real treat to be with you all at the [Black Swan] show.  Let's do get together soon in the NY area and see what we can figure out.  Your assistance in this conserving and archiving of material for this genre is so important and I need all the help I can get." - Terry Stewart, President, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Cleveland, OH 

"Dear Charlie & Pam.  It was such a pleasure to meet both of you [at the Black swan Concert] and we know you had as much fun as we did.  Thank you so much for the beautiful write up.  We really appreciate the compliments.  I hope we can see you again soon at another concert.  Take care and all the best to you both.  With warm regards." - Terry Johnson & Theresa Trigg, Terry Johnson's Flamingos

"100 Stars... That's what I give your site... No one can match it... but you know that already." - Paul & Linda

"Charlie & Pam, What a fabulous site.  I just discovered it tonight.  Keep up the great work!" - Joe W.

"Pam & Charlie, Although I was unable to attend the [Black Swan] Concert, I felt like I was right there after seeing the photos and reading the commentary on your site.  Thanks for all your hard work and your passion for the music." - Helene

"That's exactly as I saw it [the Black Swan Concert].  Thanks Todd [Baptista] for writing it as you do.  Charlie & Pam for the great pics on their website.  All my collector friends who shared the day and night.  And of course Mark for the heart to do it all again for us." - Ken Thompson

"Charlie & Pam, I take my hat off to you for showing confidence in Mark and his project.  You have a heart of gold and I thank you for what you did for the music (and me) last weekend.  Hurrah!" - Bob Bosco

"Charlie & Pam, Thanks for the update with concert photos.  Steve Applebaum told me how great the concert was and it sure looked impressive!!!!!" - Ron

"What incredible coverage on your site of the [Black Swan] show.... Thanks." - Paul From Mayfair

"Thanks Charlie.  Back when I collected 45's, spending a small fortune at Val Shively's, I loved the songs you played on your Saturday show.  I'm happy to see that you are keeping the music alive." - Dennis from the acappella group Mid Life Crisis. 

"Charlie & Pam - It's fabulous!!! Thanks so much.  Have a great trip.  Talk to you when you return." - Mark del Costello.

"Dear Charlie & Pam.  Thank you for the posting.  It brought back great memories and some of the thrills I experienced that weekend.  Thanks also for you dedication to the music." - Hal Keshner [Hal's band backed the artists at the Black Swan concert - Ed.]

"Thank you.  You captured and documented many historic moments by photograph and words." - Christine Vitale, The Group Harmony Alley, WFDU-FM Radio

"Dear Pam & Charlie,  You have made an amazing site!  It has everything and I love it!  I just saw all the nice pictures and read Pam's story from that Burlington event last weekend.  It must have been a great musical experience to remember for all who were there!  For people like me, who live on the other side from where all interesting things happen, it's so good to have your website to go to.  There I can get lots of information about what happens over there.  Among all the nice pictures, I saw Tim Hauser.  He'll come to Gothenburg, Sweden, next month with the excellent group, Manhattan Transfer.  All the best." - Lillemor, Sweden

"Charlie & Pam,  Great review and photos.  I'm still high from this show and can't wait for the DVD's." - Steve Applebaum

"Charlie & Pam, I love your website.  You're so lucky to be combining your passion and your vocation.  Take care." - John Glassburner

"Hi Pam & Charlie... I really enjoyed the review and pics.  It's about as close as I get these days to an RnB concert.  Florida has it's wonderful attributes - but RnB concerts can't be found." - Charlie Callahan 

[Letter to the Editor of "Echoes of the Past" magazine regarding George Frunzi's article about us] ...."I very much appreciated the profile of the pride of Philly, Mr. Charlie Horner.  I had the privilege of seeing, first hand, the 'Philly Chronicles' on stage at U.G.H.A., in tandem with Ronnie I.  Charlie brought the Cherokees, Keystoners, Re-Vels, Silhouettes and others to the R&B harmony faithful.  Yet, perhaps Charlie's greatest legacy remains his efforts on behalf of pioneer harmonizers, the Deep River Boys, Delta Rhythm Boys and Golden Gate Quartet.  Meeting these seminal songsters, thanks to Charlie and Ronnie I., was one of the highlights of my life!"  -  K. J. O'Doherty of Ridgewood, NJ.

[In reference to Pam's review of the Charleston Beach Music and Shag Festival] ...."Hi Pam.  That was a great write up.  I loved it.  Thank you so much.  Tell Charlie hello from the Tams.  We're leaving town tomorrow for two more days.  We just got home today from Tennessee.  Was a great place we played in Dandridge, TN, outside of Knoxville.  Hope to see you again sometimes.  THANK YOU.  We love you and your husband." - Dianne Pope & the Tams

"Charlie & Pam, your website is great!  The only thing I can say is 'Your website is the Heavy Box of Classic Urban Harmony information!'  Keep up the good work." - Charles Anderson, Philadelphia

[In reference to Pam's review of the Charleston Beach Music and Shag Festival] ...."WOW! What a great website and thank you for the great write up on the Festival.  Looks like you really have preserved the music. ... And thank you again for all your support and encouragement.  It's people like you that make me want to keep going!!! Blessings." - Harriett, Founder & President of the Beach Music and Shag Preservation Society of SC.

[In reference to Pam's review of the Charleston Beach Music and Shag Festival]....."Dear, Dear Charlie & Pam.  THANK YOU!  WOW!  This is so cool!  Not only for the trip you made to come down to the show but, ESPECIALLY for your very kind words about Harriett and all the groups that performed on Saturday.  We cannot thank you both enough for the attention to detail that you put forth and your understanding of our music.  So many times the reporters that are in our area might miss a small detail or two.  You guys did your homework.  Your website is awesome.  I'm a huge fan of the Oldies and Doo Wop stuff and have had a ball looking through the photos and articles on your site.  I'll be visiting regularly.  With your permission, we would love to return the favor and post your link on our site under our FRIENDS page.  Again, Thank you!" - Dana Jones, The Fabulous Shades  [Visit the Fabulous Shades' site through our LINKS page.]

"Hi Guys... Y'all have a wonderful site.  Could talk to you for hours.  We'll surely be in touch." - Odell Mickens, Wallstreet [Reach Wallstreet's site through our Links page.]

"I just visited your website.  Awesome! and more.  You both look great and have a wonderful wealth of information.  Thanks for making this so interesting.  I look forward to future visits." - Gene P. of Philadelphia

"Holy Moly!  At long last - a compendious history of the music of my people!  Once you do Classic Urban Harmony, you'll never go back.  Thanks and congratulations to Charlie and Pam.  This is another prime example of '4 REAL ROCK N ROLL 4 REAL ROCK N ROLLERS.'  I'll be back often - kinda like voting in Philly.  Little Isidore loves you so!" - Little Isidore of Little Isidore & the Inquisitors.  [Reach Little Isidore's Myspace Page from our Links Page]

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  Checked out the new website - impressive!" - Mr. Lee, President of the Philadelphia Group Harmony Association. [Reach Mr. Lee and PGHA through our Links Page]

"Hi Charlie and Pam.  Thanks for the kind words about Cornerstone in the Philly Doo Wop writeup on your site.  It's great that you have a site that's dedicated to our music." - Pat Yocolano, Cornerstone  [Reach Golden Voice Harry Schmitt & Cornerstone's website through our Links Page]

"Hi Charlie & Pam.  The new website looks compelling and who more qualified than you both!  Mozel tof on your new venture.  Regards." - Bob Bosco.  [Read Bob's latest article about the Ly-dels in Echoes of the Past magazine, just out.  To subscribe see our Links Page.]

"I really like your website.  It's fantastic!" - Smitty of Quiet Storm.  [Quiet Storm's new CD is due out in September on the Collectables label.  Visit us again soon for details.]

"Your website is great!  I loved the pictures; I wanted them to go on and on and never stop!  I saw the one with Sonny Til.  Was that the day his car was stolen?  Imagine having your picture taken with Solly McElroy!!!! And Yvonne Baker, wow!  Oh, and Herb Johnson!  I'm just speechless.  Pam is very beautiful, and you look very debonair, Charlie.  Now in case I haven't said it a thousand times, thank you for my husband and my daughter!" - Elaine Lewis.  [Elaine's husband Rick Lewis was a founding member of the Silhouettes ("Get A Job").  Charlie's radio show played a role in their meeting.  Reach the Silhouettes' website from our Link Page]

"Great website and I know it will be the best at giving us the news we can use.  Lots of luck but I know you will not need it.  Fantastic!" - Paul from Mayfair

"Hi Pam and Charlie.  I went to your website and boy was I impressed.  It was a short visit as a lot is going on... but I'll be back!!!" - Iris

"Hi, from your good friend Trudy.  I like the web site.  It is very, very nice.  (GREAT JOB).  Good Luck and I really hope to see you soon.  I miss you both.  Pure love," Trudy McCartney Cunningham, the Clickettes

"Dear Pam & Charlie.  I enjoyed seeing your new web site.  I think the information is comprehensive, concise, and yet personal, as the pictures are a great touch.  I found it very interesting, and I’m sure it will stimulate others to share your enthusiasm for, and your dedication to, this music." – Pauline K., Seneca, SC

“Hi Charlie and Pam.  Great website. I could spend hours there. I have told a few people about it and they loved it.” – Steve Applebaum, Philadelphia, PA

“Hi. I looked at your site and commend you for your work on chronicling the music of the Angelic Gospel Singers....although you had me at "temperature-controlled vault." - Bob Marovich – The Gospel Memories Radio Show and The Black Gospel Blog

“Best of luck on this great site!!!!” – Cool Bobby B, XM Radio’s The Doo Wop Stop

“Hi Charlie and Pam.  I was surfing the web and saw your site!  It’s very nice!!!” - Steve Dunham, the Emerald Dreams and the Good Fellas.

“Charlie and Pam....... Your new website is fantastic......It looks extremely professional, it's unbelievably informative...and it captures exactly what you want it to capture.  Well done......The picture of Charlie even looks good----Pam---you look great!  Best of luck with your endeavor......” - George Frunzi, Gold Radio’s “Down On The Streetcorner”

“I like what I see. Great website. Looks like a wealth of history archive. Keep up the great work.” – Elmer Hopper, The Mills Brothers [Visit the Mills Brothers website through our Links Page]

“Charlie & Pam.  GREAT site, very interesting and informative.” - Jack & Sally O'

 “Hi Charlie and Pam.  I just want to salute you both for your contributions & efforts in the music business. I looked at your site and it is excellent. – Frank Lewis, the Mintones (Philadelphia Acappella Group)

“Awesome website!  I love the music detail and history.” – Bill, SC

 “The website and your presentations are such excellent and innovative ways to keep our music alive. It's great that you're doing it!” – Karen Efron

“Hi Charlie & Pam, Great website !!  Good information !!” – Carla, NJ

 “Wow!  This is really great!!  I love your site.  I'm very happy that you're doing this.  You both have so much knowledge and interesting material (images, records, etc.), this will be a boon for all us r&b vocal group lovers.” – Tony Fournier, The Vocal Group Harmony Website [Visit Tony's outstanding site through our Links Page]

“Charlie & Pam, You should be proud. What a nice site! Very professional looking...and informative. Great job! Good luck with Classic Urban Harmony.” – Bob Belniak, Editor Echoes of the Past Magazine.  [To subscribe to this outstanding magazine, visit our Links Page]

“WOW   Just got off the site. GREAT  That site is going to be THEE site. Good Luck to you and Pam, with everything.” – Joe Grimaldi, The Ecstasies

“Beautiful site; you two must be very proud.  Best of luck in this venture.” – Bob C., NJ

 “Hi C & P. Just toured the site- a true labor of love for you guys and the rest of us. Everything first class as you always do. – Sandy & Bill Proctor, NH  

“Your site is great Pam; very very interesting and quite impressive. - Betty of StreetHeart

“The website looks great!” – Holly & Jenn, RI

 “Pam and Charlie,  I have begun to view the website.  I am impressed with the amount of time and energy you two must have put into it.  There is an incredible amount of history and information to be read, and it's nicely organized and formatted.  Good luck to you both.” – Lisa, NJ

 “Hi Pam and Charlie.  Many thanks for the fantastic web site! You have made a wonderful job and I’m so happy to being botanizing there!” – Lillemor, Sweden




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