Acappella Group, "Re-memberThen" Finds its Echo

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When an anonymous source tipped us off that one of our favorite up-and-coming doo wop acappella groups, “Re-memberThen,” would be holding an impromptu rehearsal in the commuter tunnel under the railroad five minutes from Classic Urban Harmony headquarters, you had to know we’d be there to cover it.

Arriving just after rush hour at the Bound Brook (NJ) train station, we had to let the evening commuters clear 98-year-old concrete tunnel that connects the north- and south-bound trains before the group could fill the cavern with harmony.

Bound Brook, NJ Train Station and Tunnel

Tunnels, of course, have natural echo, making the human voice sound smoother and fuller.  Is it any wonder, why in days past, singers would congregate in locations where their voices could reverberate, while they polished their sound?

Members of Re-memberThen were all seasoned acappella singers in their youth who pushed vocal harmony to the back of their lives as they got older.  They are now back into singing with a passion, their voices sounding stronger with each rehearsal.  It’s only natural that they’d retrace their younger days and search for an echo.


Members of Re-memberThen entering the tunnel.

Descending the steps into the tunnel, Re-memberThen began warming up with “Gee” and then launched to “Gloria”.  The harmony filled the concourse, attracting bystanders who stopped to listen.  The songs flowed rapidly; “Morse Code Of Love,” “Looking For My Baby,” “My Juanita,” “When we Get Married” and “Tonight Could Be The Night” with Frank’s stong voice handling most of the leads.  Jim did a nice job on “In The Still Of The Night,” and one of our favorites was Frank’s rendition of “Crying In The Chapel.”


“As a youngster, I’d sing with my group in the tunnel at the New Brunswick train station,” New Jersey native and group leader Frank Cicerale recalled.  “We sing there until the police chased us off.”   Tenor, Jim Offner, grew up in Philadelphia and after deejay Jerry Blavat’s dances at Wagner Ballroom, used to harmonize with his friends down in the Broad & Olney subway station.  Other group members include Marty Geliebter, Andy Martin and Randy Croce.




One commuter asked if the group sang here every week.  He said if so, he’d be back.  There was a time, we remember, when you could count on hearing any number of acappella groups competing in the tunnels, subways, underpasses and sheltered courtyards, anyplace where there was a natural echo.  And for one all-to-short evening, Re-memberThen brought those memories back.  Our thanks to Re-memberThen and all the acappella groups who are keeping the echo alive. – Charlie & Pam

Re-memberThen, left to right:  Randy Croce (bass, South Jersey), Andy Martin (baritone,
Staten Island, NY), Marty Geliebter (2nd tenor/lead, Manalapan, NJ), Frank Cicerale
(lead/1st & 2nd tenor, Piscataway, NJ), Jim Offner (1st tenor/lead, Quakertown, PA)



Re-memberThen singing "Gloria"

Re-memberThen singing "Crying In The Chapel"

Re-memberThen singing "So In Love"


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