Classic Urban Harmony

Celebrates Vocal Group Harmony

And the Masqueraders’ 50th Anniversary

June 10, 2012, Morristown, NJ

Part 5 - The Concert Videos

We've now posted below, YouTube high definition video clips of all of the performers at Pam & Charlie Horner's June 10, 2012 Celebration of the Masqueraders' 50th Anniversary and Classic Urban Harmony.  The event took place at the Morris Museum's Bickford theatre, Morristown, NJ.  All videos posted here with permission from the singers involved.

We also acknowledge Joe DeVico of JDV Music and Design,, for his fine videography.  All videos were posted with prior permission of the groups themselves.

All videos on this page remain the exclusive property of Classic Urban Harmony LLC and the individual groups themselves, but we will allow them to be embedded on other websites, so long as is credited.

We've posted songs by Re-MemberThen, King David's Harp, Quiet Storm, Little Isidore & the Inquisitors, The Vic Donna Group, Milton Love & The Solitaires and The Masqueraders.  We hope you enjoy the videos.  [Our video clips can also be reached from our YouTube channel, chorner1, where you can view all of the videos we've posted over the past few years.]

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Re-MemberThen (Frank Cicerale, Jim Offner, Harry Maitland, Marty Geliebter and Bill Butkowski) is a talented and up and coming acappella group, based in Piscataway, NJ.



Jim Offner leading Re-MemberThen in
"Tears From My Eyes," originally recorded
by Net Roman on the Sahara label.


Harry Maitland leading Re-MemberThen in his own
composition, "Thank You Johnny," a tribute song
to the late Johnny Maestro (Crests & Brooklyn Bridge lead)


Frank Cicerale leading Re-MemberThen in
"Crying In The Chapel".  The group sang this song in
honor of the late Bobby Thomas (Vibranaires & Orioles)

Visit Re-MemberThen's Facebook page at


Since most of Classic Urban Harmony is derived from Gospel quartet singing, we felt it was essential to have a great Gospel group on our program.  We found one, King David's Harp, when we were in Portsmouth, Virginia, in 2010 and 2012 to attended Rev. Brenda Boone's February programs.  King David's Harp is composed of Van Jones, Otis Jones, Cornelius Yancey and Curtis Mitchell.  Another member, Jesse Jones was not able to make the trip to New Jersey.

King David's Harp began with an inspiring acappella version of "Jesus Gave Me Water" and followed it with an incredible acappella rendition of "The Lord's Prayer".  "The Lord's Prayer" is presented below along with three other King David's Harp videos.  Those in the audience also heard great renditions of "Wade In The Water," "Brother Shout," and a Soul Stirrers medley of "He's So Wonderful"/"Touch The Hem Of His Garment".

King David's Harp singing "The Lord's Prayer" acappella.
This unbelievably emotional rendition amazed the audience
and brought everyone to their feet for a standing ovation.


King David's Harp doing "The Denial"
The song was first recorded by the Stripes of Glory for the
Peacock label in the early 1960's.  We sent the song to
King David's Harp about ten days before the concert and asked
them if they could learn it in time.  They did!  Great job!


King David's Harp singing "Three Pictures Of The Lord".
Great song, first recorded by the Violinaires for the
Checker label.  This is a must watch video!


King David's Harp singing "Seek Seek And Ye Shall Find"
An old spiritual, reminiscent of the version by the
Sacred Four on Gotham (late 1940's).

One of the hottest acappella vocal groups around is the Philadelphia R&B and doo wop acappella group, Quiet Storm.  Quiet Storm came together in 2008 but individually the members have been singing group harmony all of their lives.  Quiet Storm consists Kamau "Smitty" Akiba, Ron Silva, Darrall Campbell, James Phillips and William Nix.  In addition to the videos below, they also sang a great rendition of "At Night".

Quiet Storm opening with the up-tempo, "Fools Fall In Love," first done by the Drifters.
James Phillips is doing the lead.

Quiet Storm, singing "It's Too Soon To Know".
The song is the Deborah Chessler composition recorded by the Orioles
in 1948 that started R&B vocal harmony.  Quiet Storm backed former
Orioles' member Bobby Thomas in 2011 and sang this in Bobby's memory.
In fact, the group told us they intend to sing this at each and every
performance from now on in Bobby Thomas' honor.  Ron Silva is doing the lead.

Quiet Storm singing "You're Mine".
The song was first recorded by Dean Barlow & the Crickets in 1952
but here Quiet Storm is singing the Vibrations' arrangement.
William Nix is doing the lead here.

Quiet Storm singing "Some Enchanted Evening".
The arrangement is based on that of the Temptations.
Darrall Campbell, doing the lead here, formerly
sang with New Emage and the Ecstasies.

Don't forget, Quiet Storm has a new CD out.


It's hard to find a more exciting and dynamic vocal group than Little Isidore & the Inquisitors!  The group consists of Little Isidore, Johnny Staccato, Kitten Kaboodle, Molten Milton and Jim "Patsy" Kline (on guitar).  Little Isidore and his group energized the audience and it was such a pleasure having them on our event.


Little Isidore & the Inquisitors singing the up-tempo "You And Me Baby".
The song had the audience stomping their feet and clapping along.


Little Isidore & the Inquisitors slowing things down with a great original ballad, "Oceans Apart".
The song is a real crowd pleaser and one of our favorites!

Little Isidore & the Inquisitors singing Chris Kenner's "I Like It Like That".
The song again had the audience singing and clapping along.


Little Isidore & the Inquisitors singing "All Night Long".
The song was originally recorded by the Du Mauriers' on the Fury label,
but more people now probably know it by Little Isidore.
It’s become one of his signature songs.  Great performance!


Vic Donna began singing as a youngster, making his first record in 1957 backed by the Parakeets on the Atlas label.  Throughout his career he has also sang and recorded with the Fi-Tones, Sharps and Compliments.  In 2010, Vic assembled the some of the best voices he could find to put together the Vic Donna group.  Their first professional performance was at our (Pam & Charlie's) 5th Wedding Anniversary in 2012.  They have since gone on to be one of the more respected vocal harmony groups around!  The group consists of Vic Donna, Dom D'Elia, Danny Pesci, John Mirabile and George Marchese.

The Vic Donna Group singing "Big Night For Love".
Vic Donna learned from the Parakeets (Atlas label) back in 1957.
They were rehearsing it but never recorded it.
The first time this song appeared on record was on Vic's 2010 CD.


The Vic Donna Group singing "Rose Marie," originally
recorded by the Five Chimes on the Betta label in 1953.
The song brought quite a reaction from the crowd.


The Vic Donna Group singing "The Gypsy," best known by the Ink Spots.
Vic Donna recorded this song solo back in 1959. 


The Vic Donna Group singing "My Heart Tells Me," originally
recorded by the Parakeets on the Atlas label.
As expected, the Vic Donna Group turned in another masterful
performance with impeccable harmony.
They were much appreciated by our audience!


The Solitaires are one of the greatest R&B groups ever, and we were thrilled to have them at our celebration!  Milton Love, whose voice is heard leading many of the Solitaires recordings in the 1950's, sounds as great as ever.  Don Cruz, formerly of the Metros (Just label) did some extraordinary leads.  Other members of the Solitaires are Al Grant (formerly of the Cordavons on Johnson and several other groups) and Ray Goodwin.

We're posting five videos by the Solitaires here and the selection was a difficult one.  We could have easily picked any of the other songs the group sang on June 10, including "Please Remember My Heart," "Blue Valentine" or "Walking Along".  The Solitaires are sentimental favorites of ours because they sang at our (Charlie & Pam) 2005 wedding.

Milton Love & The Solitaires singing "The Angels Sang,"
a song Milton and The Solitaires first recorded for Old Town Records in 1956.


The Solitaires singing "Please Kiss This Letter," a song The Solitaires
first recorded for Old Town Records in 1957 as the flip of "Walking Along".
Don Cruz (formerly of the Metros on the Just label) is singing lead here.


The Solitaires singing "I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance"
a song The Solitaires recorded for Old Town Records in 1954.
Don Cruz is singing lead here.  The song drew a standing ovation from the audience.


The Solitaires singing "Wonder Why" a song the Solitaires
recorded for Old Town Records in 1954.
Milton Love is singing lead here.


The Solitaires singing "Embraceable You" a song The Solitaires
recorded for Old Town Records in 1959.
Milton Love is singing lead here.


The final group of the evening was great soul harmony group, The Masqueraders, whom we reunited for only the second time in the past 15-20 years (the first time being our 5th Wedding Anniversary in 2010).  Members of the Masqueraders, reunited for this occasion, included Abdur Rahman Hatim, Harold “Sundance” Thomas, Robert “Tex” Wrightsil, David “Cowboy” Sanders and Sammie Lee Hutchins.


The Masqueraders opening with “One More Chance,”
a song they recorded in 1967 for the Detroit record label,  La Beat.


The Masqueraders singing “I’m Just An Average Guy,”
a song they recorded for the AGP label in 1968.


The Masqueraders singing a soul harmony version of
“What A Wonderful World,”
the song made famous by Louis Armstrong. 


The Masqueraders singing “(Call Me) The Traveling Man,”
a song they recorded for the HBS ABC label in 1975.


The Masqueraders singing “I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else,”
a song they recorded on the Bell label in 1968.


The Masqueraders singing a unique vocal harmony arrangement
 of “At Last,” the song made famous by Etta James.


The Masqueraders singing their own unique vocal harmony arrangement
of “A Change Is Gonna Come,” the song written and made famous by Sam Cooke.


The Masqueraders closed with "Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight".  It was an incredible night with one outstanding vocal group after another.


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