In 2013, Classic Urban Harmony, working with the Asbury Park Historical Society, honored the Missionary Jubilaires, the great Asbury Park gospel group who sang from 1948 to 1988.  Though we presented group members with framed proclamations of “Missionary Jubilaires Day” on the stage of a huge “Gospel Explosion” concert, we always lamented that we’d never had the chance to see and hear the Missionary Jubilaires sing as a group.  Well that all changed on Saturday night April 30, 2016, when we were invited to a gospel program in Farmingdale, NJ, featuring a reunion of the Missionary Jubilaires.  Getting together for the occasion were Missionary Jubilaires Herman Latimore, Sam Murphy, Curtis Moreland and Sean Bradforth.  Of course, the Missionary Jubilaires were not the only gospel singers on the program.  We missed the beginning of the program because we stopped to scan a number of old photos of the group that Herman Latimore had brought up from Georgia.  But we enjoyed hearing 4 By Faith, the Mighty Cherubims, Mother Graham, Pastor Grant and Sons, and the Roy Daniels Family sing.

The program took place at the Deacon’s union of Monmouth,353 West Farms Road, Farmingdale, NJ and was produced by Nakoma Jones and emceed by Deacon Louis Wilson.

The Missionary Jubilaires came on last and sang two inspiring songs that brought the audience to their feet.  Sean Bradforth, a later member of the Missionary Jubilaires (and now the lead of the Swan Silvertones) lead “Oh Mary Don’t You Weep”.  He also led “Low Down Chariot” with Sam Murphy (a Missionary Jubilaires member since 1952) doing the narration.  “Low Down Chariot” was one of the Missionary Jubilaires’ signature songs.  It was a historic night and we were so glad we were there to capture it in photos and videos.

Please check out the photo gallery below and then watch the two videos by the Missionary Jubilaires.