We hope you’re enjoying our newly designed Classic Urban Harmony website. We unexpectedly found ourselves in a fix this past October when our old site was declared obsolete and unsupported. We had designed it eight years ago and over the years had built it up to almost 300 pages of useful information, articles, photos, reviews and much more. Unfortunately for us, time and technology moves on and without warning we found we could no longer upload any changes or new information to it. We would have to design a new website using new software, all from scratch. Luckily for us, some fantastic people at Fortune Web Marketing in Asbury Park, NJ stepped in to design this new modern website for us and teach us how to manage the site on a WordPress platform. We think you’ll love the ease of navigation and the smooth eye pleasing design. In the beginning, of course, you’ll miss all the content that was in the old website. It will take us many months to gradually add back all that we had in the old site. But we’ll eventually get the content back to where the old one was. We thank you for your patience and understanding. – Charlie & Pam